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These Sports Dads are Giving New Meaning To Dad Bod

Move over, Leonardo DiCaprio



Some time ago, the world fell in love with the idea of the Dad Bod, of which the internet hailed Leonardo DiCaprio the epitome of. A little weird, because he isn’t a father himself, but we get the idea. It was this aesthetic of embracing what time did to your body and owning it wholeheartedly.


But then there are the fathers who prove that children and age do not mean letting yourself go. They’re an entirely different brand of dad bod and—if we’re being honest—we love it just as much.


Steph Curry

As one of the stars of the Golden State Warriors, you’d have to live under a rock to not know Steph Curry. With his training schedule, you know he’s got muscles to spare. And while his moves on the court are stellar, there’s no denying that he’s an adorable doting dad as well. 



Cristiano Ronaldo

A tough football player with a heart of gold—especially when it comes to his son—is Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s proven what he can do on the field, but we’ve fallen in love with the intimate snapshots of him and his son that sometimes litter his social media accounts.



Michael Phelps

He’s a shark in the pool, but he’s a family man at home. Michael Phelps has dominated in the sport of swimming, winning gold medals left and right. But when his son was born, he slowed down a little bit. But looking at his recent posts prove that he hasn’t lost his healthy and fit lifestyle. 



David Beckham

Proving to us that retirement means nothing is David Beckham. He has four kids with the gorgeous Victoria Beckham and we really think they push each other to stay looking their best. But as their kids show us, it’s also clearly in their genes.



LA Tenorio

The attention on LA Tenorio’s talent really hit a high during his college career and it’s been flying high ever since. But we’re willing to bet that the best parts of his life are spending time with his wife and their three kids.




We love dads in all shapes and sizes, but it’s nice to know we can still stay fit and healthy despite our age and growing families!

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