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Sports You Can Still Play With Your Dad

The fun doesn’t end when you hit puberty



When we were younger, our dads taught us a lot of what we know, from throwing a ball to tying our shoe laces. As the years passed, we needed them less because we learned how to take care of ourselves—and in some ways, how to take care of them. But this doesn’t mean that the time we spend with them should diminish to almost nothing. It just means there’s more we can do with them.



The great thing about golf is that it’s a wonderful place to talk and be active at the same time. All the walking will give you and your dad a chance to catch up or even just enjoy each other’s company in silence. Let him give you a few tips on how to properly stand and swing, or discover the sport together if neither of you are experts. 




It doesn’t matter how old your dad is, his love for basketball will stay with him forever. Which is why he’s sure to appreciate you asking him to go for a few rounds. Of course, he may not be able to run around the court anymore or make the shots he did in his youth, but a few passes and shots with his kid are sure to make him feel great and young again.



If you and your dad want something a little more rigorous, then biking can be a great alternative. There’s arguably more physical activity, but it doesn’t have to be the most difficult thing—just be smart about which course you take. Decide on whether or not you two have a destination and just ride together.




On the other hand, swimming will give you the option to rest and relax or go for a real workout. If your dad prefers to just lounge in the water while you do laps, it won’t matter as long as you two spend the time together. It’s often thought as a solitary sport, but those breaks between holding your breath can be some of the best memories you make.



For a little competition, make your way to a bowling alley. You and your dad can go against each other or you can play pairs against another father-child duo. It’s a great sport to do with him because you can customize it based on your skills. Not that great? Put the rails on. A weak shoulder? Use a lighter ball. 



Don’t forget to spend time with your dad this Father’s Day—so mark your calendars for June 18th already!

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