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Meet the PH Volcanoes – In Case You Don’t Know Them Yet

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Filipinos have this inherent trait of being proud of every other fellow Filipino—whether it’s because of success in education, innovation, entertainment, sports or whatever else there is in the world. But while we have our icons for almost every industry out there, we’re here to discuss a more humble team: The Philippine Volcanoes.




The Philippine National Rugby Union Team, nicknamed the Volcanoes, has been representing our country in the international rugby union. Earlier this year, they dominated all of their matches—except for a little slip in their semifinal bout with Singapore. To get there, they beat out Qatar (26-5), Nepal (67-0) and Iran (42-0).


The Volcanoes found themselves trailing behind Singapore at 7-10 and with only 5 men on the field due to an issued red card. In their last play of the match, the Philippine team pushed ahead, 12-10. That victory allowed them to root their finals match against Thailand.


And even on the finals stage, the Volcanoes did us proud. They had an early and significant lead against Thailand at 29-0. The game ended with a victory at 41-7.


The victory qualifies the Philippine Volcanoes to the Asian Seven Series, which is the Rugby 7s competition among the top teams in Asia. In August, they’re scheduled to defend their championship at the Southeast Asian Games.


The Members

The 2017 Southeast Asian Games Training Squad is composed of 18 strong and talented individuals.


- Andrew Pagalilauan Ramsden

- Vincent Amar Young


- Chris Alamil Everingham

- Christopher Baltazar Hitch

- Edlen Cortez Hernandez

- Gareth Dela Rosa Holgate

- Harrison Carcellor Blake

- Harry Dionson Morris

- Jake Robrigado Letts

- Jason Celada Lynch 

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- Jay Volney Ricafort Rouse

- Jonel Olayres Madrona

- Joshua Golimlim Aragon

- Justin Villazor Coveney

- Lito Ramirez 



- Patrice Ortiz Olivier 

- Ricky Alarcon Kucia 

- Rupert Dian Zappia

- Evan Spargo


They’re headed by national coaches Frano Botica and David Johnston.


Coaches Frano Botica (L) and David Johnston (R)

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The final 12 man roster for SEA Games will be announced on the week of August 14th. But no matter who gets chosen, we know we’re in good hands. 


Other projects

Two particular PH Volcanoes, Chris Everingham and Evan Spargo, recently visited Yolanda Beach in Eastern Samar. There, they held a rugby football clinic to plant and spread a passion for the sport. But what they didn't know is that they would be the ones inspired by the place, the locals and their stories. 


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