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Walking-At-Home Exercises Fit For Everyone - go!
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Walking-At-Home Exercises Fit For Everyone

Walk miles even at home

Believe it or not, brisk walking is another form of serious exercise. It’s even an Olympic Sport. For those asking, “Can you lose weight by walking?” The answer is yes, when coupled with healthy eating and regular exercise. NBC News reports that walking is also a good option for those looking for a low-impact exercise that can be done for a long time. 

According to Insider, walking 10,000 steps burns approximately 300 to 400 calories. This depends on your weight, stride length and fitness level. The areas you walk in also affect the number of calories burnt, since upward slopes and inclines require more work than flat areas. Though at the end of it, anything that has us moving is a good option.

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But now that we’re stuck indoors, walking for fitness doesn’t seem like a popular choice. Working from home has us often glued to our workstations and taking a rest means lounging in our couches and beds. The farthest we walk in a day might be the short trips to different parts of our homes.

Thankfully, walking for fitness doesn’t require long hours on a public track or a long hike. Multiple fitness YouTubers offer walking exercise options for us to try out even in a confined space. Their routines include additional movements and modifications to concentrate on our goal areas while also increasing the steps we walk. In short, their stationary walking exercises have one goal: to keep us moving.

Below is a list of low-impact walking exercises anyone can try. If some modifications seem difficult for you, just keep yourself moving to stay on track and try again.

Indoor Fat-Burning Walking Workout (Low Impact) by Grow With Jo

3 MILE FAST Walking to Lose Belly Fat by Grow With Jo

Fat-Burning Walking Waistline Challenge by Joanna Soh

Low Impact Indoor STEP & Standing ABS by Joanna Soh

Remember not to pressure yourself to perfectly finish the walking routine on the first try. In case of mistakes and missteps, forgive yourself and get back up on your feet. It’s better to work yourself little by little to your goal. For those wondering whether walking at home works, all exercises will work if you’re consistently keeping a routine, eating healthy and staying hydrated.

Good luck on your fitness journey and new go-to walking exercises!

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