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Which Sports Fan Stereotype Are You?

Sports fans can show their love for their favorite games in different ways. You might be one of these exaggerated stereotypes, but remember there’s no wrong way to love a sport

The Fantasy Coach

Everyone has their basketball dream team but you’ve actually drafted it. You know you’re a Fantasy Coach if you are an avid, somewhat-obsessed player of fantasy sports leagues. And it’s not easy. Players have to manage spreadsheets upon spreadsheets of athlete and sports data to be able to build just the right team for the season, and the best Fantasy Coaches can even make some money out of real winnings from fantasy leagues. Now, if only you were as dedicated with your day-job.

The Historian

Who lost to the Bulls in their ’98 three-peat? How close was the B-Meg vs. Talk N' Text Finals in 2012? If you can answer these questions without hesitating, you just might be a Historian. You know every score, every memorable moment in the past 20 years of your chosen sport, whether or not you were there to watch it. You are a walking Wikipedia and the score last night is not as important to you as the score 14 years ago. For you, the new blood champions will just never beat the greats.

Tito Could-Have-Been

“I could have been a pro player when I was young if it weren’t for my bad knee…” are what you tell every niece and nephew young enough to still be impressed. It’s true you were in the varsity andwho could forget that one time you scored a three-pointer in the last two seconds of your barangay playoffs? Okay, so you ham it up a little, but you really did have that spark. But you chose love or a more stable career, and you’re perfectly content where you are now. Still, isn’t it fun to relive the glory days?

Sports Emporium

Matching head- and wrist sweatbands? Check. Branded muscle tape you don’t really need? Check. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32s? You better believe it, check. For you, sports is all about the sweet gear. You always need the latest sneaker designs from your basketball idols, or try out trendy fitness and sports gear. Friends say you can’t buy athleticism and you let them laugh. Your Zoom Units and Outsole Flex Grooves are going to get you another two inches of air to dunk on the haters anyway.

Couch Tactician

Liverpool should be using a passing attack to get past Manchester’s 4-4-2 diamond! Don’t go there, run up field and make some space! The professional playmakers on the field just don’t seem to know much about strategy as you. Don’t they know you shouldn’t shoot from down lane if the enemy has your front defender engaged? You may not have stepped on a field in 18 years, but that won’t stop you from feeling like the resident tactical expert in your favorite sport.

Pure Athlete

You don’t need anything but the ball in your hands and the court beneath your feet. Pure Athletes are purists, and forego all the gear and strategy discussion for simply playing the game right here, right now. The rest is just ESPN fluff. More so than the other types in this list, you’re actually out there sweating the good sweat. After all, no amount of thinking about the game can compare to living it.

How does this make you feel?


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