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Why You Need to Include Boxing Into Your Routine

Time to step in the ring


There’s a bit of bad stigma when it comes to boxing. It’s seen first and foremost as a sport where men and women get bloodied up in the ring. But as a workout, boxing actually has so many benefits—the most important of which is that you don’t get hit back.



It burns calories quickly

Some argue that boxing is the ultimate high-intensity interval training workout and they might be on to something there. This is because boxing is both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise. What this means is that during the workout, the intensity gradually increases. It eventually reaches a point that requires more energy than aerobic metabolism can provide. Suddenly, you’re in a level of anaerobic training—and this builds strength, speed and power, as well as boosts your metabolism.


It builds strength

All that punching, jumping and sometimes kicking is going to build your strength like nothing else. Professional heavy bags weigh at least 100 pounds and your trainer is always going to fight back with force. You’re not punching at air here. And if you go to the right place, the trainers will incorporate other strength-building activities into your workout, including weighted medicine ball exercises, squats, pushups and planks.


It teaches you how to defend yourself

At its core, boxing is a great way to defend yourself should the need arise. Especially if you’ve graduated to sparring rounds.



It’s a stress-reliever

We all get those moments when we want to punch something out of frustration or sheer stress levels. Well, a punching bag will hurt far less than a wall. All that adrenaline you’ll release during boxing will be good for you and the resulting endorphins will be a welcome change.


It’s all in one

Most exercise activities target just one body part, but boxing builds on everything—even skills you might never have considered developing. It boosts your strength and it definitely helps you lose those unwanted pounds, but it also increases your balance, coordination, reactivity and agility.



The benefits of boxing definitely outweigh any difficulties you might encounter. So whether you prefer to cycle, jog or hit the gym, don’t forget to include a boxing day or two.

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