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Why LeBron James Is Still King

LeBron continues to amaze basketball fans after all these years


No doubt LeBron James is still one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history. And there are reasons why he’s still the King today.


LeBron continues to amaze.

LeBron James amazed in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers mid-March as he scored nine points in the opening frame. And that ball maneuver while on fastbreak, where he brought the ball behind his back, from the left hand to the right, and finished at the rim—effortless! Just one of our favorite LeBron moments from the 2016-2017 season. Watch the video below to see his best plays from EVERY GAME this year.



LeBron is Cleveland 

While the rumor that LeBron might leave Cleveland continues to swirl, we just don't see it happening. He's deeply committed to his team and it shows. Besides, even Kevin Durant believes James will stay with the Cavs. "I feel like he's going to end it in Cleveland. That's his crib now. He run it and he gonna turn it into something mega when he's done," says KD on The Bill Simmons Podcast.



He will always be MVP.

Russell Westbrook might have nabbed the MVP title this year (and rightfully so) but no doubt LeBron James’ is still among the greatest basketball players of all time. He did, afterall,take the Cavs to their third straight NBA Finals apperance (his seventh straight) and become the first player in the league's history to average a triple-double in the Finals. James has also had an exceptional regular season with 8.6 rebounds, 8.7 assists and an average of 26.4 points. No big deal.



His passing ability is the stuff of legends.

As of current, LeBron ranks 12th All-Time in assists. He’ll throw a touch pass behind his head, a bullet pass across his body in the middle of a dribble-drive from across the court and a behind-the-back pass for an easy lay-in that all seem impossible to make…but only LeBron.



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Photo Business Insider and PBA Online

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