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Why WNBA Legend Sue Wicks Should Be On Your Radar

Prepare to be impressed



When we hear “legend,” only the best ever comes to mind. The best player, the best leader or the best artist. Which is why it’s so impressive when someone is described as such. Women’s NBA Legend Susan Joy Wicks is no exception.


She has the numbers.

More commonly known as Sue Wicks, the now 50-year-old held career averages than any player would be proud to have. She had a career average of 4.5 PPG, 4.3 RPG and 1 APG.


She has the labels.

Not only has Wicks been called a legend, but she was also inducted into the Rutgers Basketball Hall Of Fame in 1994, and then into the Hall Of Distinguished Alumni in 2005. Her jersey number, 23, has also officially been retired in Rutgers University. In 2000, she was named a WNBA All-Star. And if these still don’t impress you, she was also inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall Of Fame in 2013.


She’s been everywhere.

When you’re a star player in the WNBA, there’s no question about travel—it’s a sure thing. Wick’s talent brought her to play in countries like Italy, Japan, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Hungary and France.


But she’s more than just a great player.

While her talent is clearly undeniable, Wicks knew how to keep things professional. She was given the Kim Perrot Sportsmanship Award in 2000. It’s an honor bestowed to players that exemplify sportsmanship on the court, including ethical behavior, fair play and integrity.


She knows how to give back.

It’s important not to forget where we come from and Wicks knew this through and through. She served as the assistant coach for the women’s basketball team of Rutgers in 2005 and then Saint Francis College in 2006.

Source WNBA

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