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Workout Moves to Target Stubborn Back Fat - go!
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For Back Day: Workout Moves That Target Stubborn Back Fat

Circuit routines on YouTube that you can follow along with at home or at the gym

What’s a full-body transformation without the back workout? 

It’s one that’s easy to overlook and, for many people, can appear tricky to take on. Considering the limited range of motion that lets you target this muscle group, seeing results might take longer. They might appear harder to achieve, too.

All this comes down to is turning to circuit routines that make sure your efforts don’t go to waste. (Did you know? You can maximize your arm and ab workouts when you make room for back day.) Leaning into back exercises helps make the waist appear slimmer; it also works, in part, to activate the arms. What’s more, exercising, tightening, and building lean muscle in this area add overall support, enhance mobility, and improve posture.

So whether you’re trying to trim the stubborn “bra fat” or work on your upper-body strength by gunning for an intense shred, here’s where you can start. Scroll through for the circuit routines you can follow—at home or at the gym, with or without equipment.

20-Minute at Home Back Workout With MadFit

Follow along with this intense, back-sculpting #WithMe workout video using just a pair of dumbbells. This is a 20-minute circuit designed to tone, build, and define that back.

10-Minute Intense Burn Back Fat No Equipment Workout With Emi Wong

A back workout that targets both the lower and upper back, strengthens the muscle group overall, and burns fat.

Back Fat Blaster Upper Body Workout With Heather Robertson

Fact: building strength and lean muscle in the back will help tone and burn fat throughout the entire body—ultimately helping to reduce that stubborn back fat. Follow this routine to get that going for you.

10 Min Back & Arms Workout With Chloe Ting

As part of her “28-Day Flat Tummy Challenge,” Chloe Ting dedicates one of her six episodes to an extensive back workout with a cool-down and stretch routine.

10-Minute No-Equipment Back Workout With Koboko Fitness

Never say never. You can lose back fat, under arm flab, and bra bulge. Here, follow along as Koboko Fitness’ Kola guides viewers through five back exercises in this workout.

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