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For Abs Day: 5 YouTube Workouts to Update Your Core Routine With - go!
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For Abs Day: 5 YouTube Workouts to Update Your Core Routine With

Videos to bookmark and follow along with if you want tight, toned abs

It’s almost time for the mid-year check-in! How are those 2022 fitness goals looking? If you feel your routine could use a nice zhuzh, we’ve rounded up YouTube fitness videos—for leg day, back day, arms day, and more—that ought to liven up your next workout. And here, we’re focusing on abs day. 

How can you get a much tighter midsection (hello, flatter abs!) while building your core strength? The workout videos ahead can clue you in. For best results, take on any of these circuits three to four times a week.

12-Minute Strong, Tight Abs With Sami Clarke

Ready for a serious ab shred? The workout by certified health, wellness, and fitness trainer Sami Clarke is all about developing core strength in addition to getting abs that look great. “This is going to test your stability and the more you shake, the more your body is developing strength,” her video description explains. “Remember, it’s the days where you didn’t feel like you want to that are the most important days to follow through on. That’s how we train our body’s for resilience.”

10-Minute Ab Workout With Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren, model and founder of the We Are Warriors fitness and lifestyle community, has always been considered a fitspo among her peers and followers. In this video, she shares the routine she personally turns to in order to stay in shape and keep those famous abs in check. It’s a 10-minute workout but a killer routine at that, consisting of sit-ups; knee-touch crunches; heel touches; bicycle crunches; Russian twists; reach-through crunches; legs-to-ceiling, reaching crunches; toe taps; leg lifts; flutter kicks; scissor kicks; leg lifts; leg-up, alternating toe crunches; crunch kicks; mountain climbers; a plank; side planks; plank twists; and finally, spider climbers.

5-Minute Flat Belly Pilates Ab Workout With Sanne Vloet

Dutch model Sanne Vloet is another figure whose ab routine is worth considering. In just five minutes, the Victoria’s Secret model rounds up some of the fundamental moves in Pilates that hyper-target the core. In addition to strengthening your ab muscles, these circuits help lengthen those gams.

10-Minute Intense Six-Pack Workout With MadFit

Canadian fitness blogger Maddie Lymburner, the creator of MadFit, has several ab workouts you can try out: from her beginner-friendly routine, to an equipment-free, 15-minute circuit. That said, we’re cutting straight to her intense 10-minute ab shred guaranteed to get you those six-pack abs. “The six-pack abs workout can be done at home or anywhere!” she guides. “Use minimal equipment like dumbbells or do this with no equipment... the choice is yours!”

6-Minute Standing Ab Workout With Bowflex®

Not all effective ab workouts need to involve floor exercises. This routine, as part of the Bowflex® bodyweight series, features a set of circuits designed to get your heart rate up and those abs activated, keeping you on your feet the entire time. It’s a six-minute workout routine meant to be executed twice over. The breakdown? Four all-standing ab exercises that last for 45 seconds each.

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