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For Glutes Day: 7 YouTube Workout Videos to Follow Along With - go!
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For Glutes Day: 7 YouTube Workout Videos to Follow Along With

Glute-focused circuits you can do at the gym or right at home

Socially distanced sports are still ideal, but we are seeing more and more wiggle room when it comes to working out mid-pandemic. Gyms are back open; fitness studios are holding in-person sessions again. As people enjoy additional ways take on leg day, arms day, back day and more, the fact remains that the most practical ones are those they can do anytime and anywhere—no instructor necessary, just their smartphone and a mat at their disposal.

Ahead, we zero in on low-maintenance workouts specifically for glutes day. These exercise circuits hyper-target the bums and thighs to give you the lifting, toning and tightening you desire. All you need is to stream them on YouTube so you can follow along, then bookmark them for next time. 

Get ready to get to work? Scroll through and try these moves for a killer glute workout.

15-Minute Booty Build & Tone At-Home Workout With MadFit

What can you accomplish in 15 minutes? An intense butt-toning shred, that’s what. Let fitness blogger Maddie Lymburner (aka MadFit) count you down as she shows you five killer workout moves focused on firming up those glutes. All you need are a pair of dumbbells, resistance bands and a workout bench.

20-Minute Butt Lift Workout on the Floor With Mary Braun

According to this fitness instructor, this circuit is designed to “grow [your] butt without [growing your] thighs.” There are no squats or jumps here, so you can expect a low-impact set of moves that still promises to deliver results. “I created this workout for everyone who hates squats and/or jumps or is injured to do a long workout standing,” her video description reads. “These exercises focus on the area under your butt and around your whole butt. Do this on a regular base and add [ankle] weights if you want.”

5 Underbutt Isolation Exercises for the Ultimate Booty Lift

What exactly is this underbutt? For Blogilates fitness instructor Cassey Ho, it’s the segment where the glute meets the hamstring. “The part that [sort of] shows when your shorts are too short,” the video description says. “Here is an at-home, equipment-free workout video that you can do to target the exact underbutt area.” Breaking down the workout routine, with her, you’ll be doing: a walking bridge combo, single-leg swivels, the grasshopper and hamstring curls.

Train Like An Angel: Runway Butt

When the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was still in full swing, fans always sought ways to “train like an angel.” For glutes day, we’re pulling up one of the circuits from 2012 done by Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel herself, as guided by supermodel trainer Justin Gelband.

The Best At-Home Booty Workout (No Equipment) With Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson is here to cut to the chase by tightly curating her favorite body weight-based glute exercises. With the circuit ahead, she promises that you can “tone and define that booty with minimal space and no equipment.” What matters when it comes to glutes day, according to Robertson, is a mastery of the proper form in order to make most out of that burn.

10-Minute Booty Shaping Workout With Nicole Steen

In a video produced by POPSUGAR Fitness, Equinox Trainer Nicole Steen walks viewers through floor-based, body weight-oriented exercises designed to tighten and lift those glutes. The beauty of this workout? There are absolutely no elaborate, sharp movements. With just subtle pulses, you get to burn calories effectively, shrinking fat and lifting the bum along the way.

Miranda Kerr Butt Workout: Victoria Secret Series

As part of the XHIT Daily’s Victoria’s Secret series, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise demonstrates to viewers the glute workout moves that helped Miranda Kerr get runway-ready. A mix of standing and floor exercises, these are meant to isolate the abs, glutes, of course and upper thighs.

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