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YouTube Workout Videos to Help You Improve Mobility and Flexibility - go!
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YouTube Workout Videos to Help You Improve Mobility and Flexibility

Beyond thinking about fitness, these stretches can help alleviate body aches and strained muscles

Trainers will always stress the importance of stretches and a cool-down routine. But did you know that even outside of fitness, doing stretching exercises are crucial, too? These workout moves, aimed at improving mobility and flexibility, can make all the difference in the day-to-day: from helping fix your posture once and for all to addressing muscle stiffness.

All this is to say that stretches are key to making sure your muscle health and bone health stay in tip-top shape as you age. (Start now and your body will thank you for it later!) Ahead, your introduction to simple yet effective stretches to get you going. Scroll through, stream, and follow along. 

15-Minute Full-Body Stretch for Flexibility, Mobility & Relaxation With Mady Morrison

Gently wake up your entire body (though ironically, this also works as a slow-down exercise) with this 15-minute routine. Put together by yoga teacher and YouTube content creator Mady Morrison, this set is designed to get your body in a relaxing flow while giving it a good stretch. This is designed to improve overall mobility.

Stick Mobility: Beginner-Friendly Shoulder and Spine Warmup With Chanon Finley

Chanon Finley has more up her sleeve than acting and modeling. On her YouTube channel, she shares various beginner-friendly workouts that take on a holistic approach, transforming not only how you look but also how you feel. In the video ahead, she illustrates the basics of warming up the spine and shoulders. “This guided warmup for shoulder and spine uses a stick to add leverage and stability while increasing body awareness,” the video description reads. “This would also be a good beginner workout, focusing on improving range of motion and mobility.”

12-Minute Hip Mobility Routine With Tom Merrick

A lot can happen in 12 minutes. Take, for example, being able to eventually improve your range of motion. Making sure your hips stay in great shape is an added bonus. In this video by fitness trainer Tom Merrick, find an easy-to-follow hip flexibility routine designed to improve both the internal and external rotation of the hip. Want to achieve better-quality squats in your other workouts, too? Start here.

Improve Deep Squats with Ankle Dorsiflexion Exercises With DocJenFit

Improved squats, of course, aren’t only reliant on hip mobility. Ankles play an important role in them, as well. Let DocJenFit, who specializes in physical therapy, guide you through the different ways you can ease your ankles into your stretch routine. The key move to explore? Dorsiflexion (AKA the upward flexion of the foot). Ahead, learn ways to do that with just two hand towels, an exercise mat and a chair.

10-Minute Workout for Knee Strength With Studio Jibby

A fan of HIIT, running, cycling, and more rigorous workouts? Be sure to keep your knees healthy and in good shape. This video by Studio Jibby rounds up circuits that can be done just three times a week but promise impressive results. All you need is an exercise mat to execute 10 moves that each take 30 seconds of work (with five-second transitions in the middle).

7-Minute Back Stretches for Back Pain Relief With Daniela Suarez

A knot in your upper back? Pain in your lower back that seems to never go away? Signs point to a need to improve your posture by getting those back stretches in. Below, health and fitness YouTuber Daniela Suarez shows you how you can target the area to relieve pain in the upper back, middle back, and lower back areas. “You can do these stretches either after a workout or simply at night after a long day or in the morning if you want to start your day feeling relaxed,” suggests Suarez in her video description. “You can do these stretches every day if you want to! It’s an amazing way to disconnect and feel relaxed while you're also releasing pain from your back.”

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