Tech Thursday: 0917 Series Two Upgrades Your Essentials In Unexpected Ways

We’re upgrading your basics

It’s 2020 and we’re ready to give the next decade of our lives all we’ve got. The years that have led to now have armed us with so much information, some lessons and the gift that is technology—so no excuses. After all, who can argue that smartphones, headsets and earphones have become an extension of ourselves?

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But just because you’re used to the way things are doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for change. At least, not when change is for the better. Sometimes you just need to open your eyes a little to see what can be—and should be—done. 

Enter: 0917 Series Two, the next collection of gadget accessories that come with the upgrades you never knew you needed (until now). 

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True Wireless Sports Earbuds 



These in-ear earbuds will let you live (or start) an active lifestyle without having to make so many stops. With four-hour playtime, a 10-meter Bluetooth range, 50mAh battery and a 300mAh case battery, you’re pretty much good to go whenever you need to. 

The upgrade: Touch control that allows you to skip and pause tracks, adjust volume and answer calls. Time to make reaching out for your device a thing of the past and experience what real wireless is like. 

Wireless Headphones



With 15 hours of playtime on a full single charge, these Wireless Headphones from 0917 Series Two might become your best source of company on long hours of downtime. And with a Bluetooth range of 10m, you won’t have to worry about a spotty connection. 

The upgrade: On the possibility that you forget to charge the accessory and it can no longer function as a Bluetooth device, you can simply wire it in to your smartphone. 

Wireless Stick-On Power Bank



The Stick-On Powerbank is Qi wireless charging compatible for Android and iOS devices, comes with three ports and has a 10,000mAh charging capacity. And weighing in at just 247 grams means you’ll barely even notice it on your hand, pocket or bag. 

The upgrade: All the benefits of wireless charging without losing use of your phone at the time of charging. 

10,000mAh Power Bank with Micro USB + Lightning and USB-C Adapter



Compatible with Android and iOS devices, this power bank is lightweight and packs a punch. Plus, it comes with a built-in Micro-USB cable, as well as Lightning and Type-C adapters.

The upgrade: Three wires, one power bank. Goodbye, multi-wire woes. 

10,000mAh and 20,000mAh Power Banks

P1,299 and P2,299


If you prefer to keep things simple, Series Two also has standard power bank options: the 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh varieties. 

The upgrade: Thanks to their fast charging technology, the power banks themselves charge quickly—and that means no leaving them overnight just to get the accessory itself fully charged. 

Wall Charger



With two ports and a charge speed of 18W max, this Wall Charger from 0917 will get your devices ready for the day before you’re done with breakfast. 

 The upgrade: Compatibility with Type-C and USB cables. 

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Say it with us: Change can be good.

For some upgraded apparel basics perfect for the summer, see the Atrium Collection from 0917. 

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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