11 of the Most Expensive Smartphones Ever Made

Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. In fact, there are as many phones in the world as there are people—and the last time we checked, there were 7 billion homo sapiens walking on the face of the earth. So what can you, a citizen of the 21st century, do to stand out and cement your individuality? Try out one of these bling-blings that go ring-ring, for starters.


Note: While these entries on this list are not exacly fresh releases, they are also not commercially-produced smartphones enhanced with special cases and jewelry. They were meant to be sold as luxury items from the get go with price tags north of Php1,000,000.


11) Ulysse Nardin Chairman 2

$49,500 (about Php2,376,000)

Launched: 2010



This steampunk-looking smartie features an 8 Megapixel camera, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a then-scandalous 32GB of internal memory, and a unique kinetic rotor system in the rear for built-in battery charging. Only 1846 units were made in honor of the company’s founding date, which added to its already exclusive stature.


10) Vertu Signature Diamond

$88,000 (about Php4,224,000)
Launched: 2005


Vertu phones are known to be pricey, but the Vertu Signature Diamond took it a notch higher with a diamond-encrusted platinum body. Only 200 pieces were made available--just in case it’s not exclusive enough for you yet. It's worth mentioning that its features weren't even at par with today's entry-level smartphone standards.


9) Blackberry Porsche Design P9981

$139,000 (about Php6,672,000)
Launched: 2011


Sporting the iconic full QWERTY keypad, the P9981 had top tier specs at the time including a 2.8-inch touchscreen and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. 2011 was a good year for smartphone sales and we bet that those who were able to sell this Porsche designed Blackberry were able to buy a 911 for themselves.


8) Savelli Smartphone

$250,000 (about Php12,000,000)
Launched: 2014


Dubbed as the first luxury smartphone made for women, the Swiss-made Savelli smartphone cames with 18-carat gold and leather casings and a diamond- and emerald-adorned housing. Tech specs were scant despite being an Android-powered device, but with such panache and pizzazz, would you even have cared about its innards?


7) Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone

$300,000 (about Php14,400,000)
Launched: 2006


Windows phones were the bomb a decade ago and the Black Diamond was as explosive as they could get. With a 3-carat diamond in the back and a 0.25-carat rock in front, this simple yet extravagant handset didn’t really fly (predictably). Perhaps if Android were around back then, would it have clicked?


6) Vertu Signature Cobra

$310,000 (about Php14,880,000)
Launched: 2006


And another Vertu makes it to the list, this time it had a little help from a cunning cobra that made itself look even more outrageous. The sleek serpent, which wears white diamond earings, is made from pear cut diamonds and 500 rubies, just in case the diamonds aren’t enough bling.


5) Tag Heuer Racer

$350,000 (about Php16,800,000)
Launched: 2012


For 16 million pesos you’d think you’d get an actual race car. But instead, what you can strap, er, hold on to is a shock-proof aeronautic-grade titanium, stainless steel, and carbon fiber phone. Other than those however, it’s an unimpressive Android smartphone with a mere 1GHz CPU and a 5MP camera.


4) Vertu Ascent Ferrari GT

$374,000 (about Php17,952,000)
Launched 2011


Why go for a Ferrari car when you can get a Ferrari phone? Yeah that didn’t make much sense, but nonetheless this vivacious Vertu is the perfect companion to your speedy sportscar (or lack thereof). It sports a sapphire crystal keypad, a titanium battery cover, a tachometer-inspired clock, and of course the trademark prancing horse in the rear.


3) Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

$1 Million (about Php48,000,000)
Launched 2010


Now we’re talking serious cheddar. At one million dollars, the Gressor Luxor is surrounded by black diamonds, laser-etched sapphires, and a back case made of 200-year old African blackwood. There’s a more “affordable” version which doesn’t come with the gems for only, ahem, $20,000.


1-2) Diamond Crypto Smartphone

$1.3 Million (about Php62,400,000)
Launched 2006


GoldVish Le Million

$1.3 Million (about Php62,400,000)
Launched 2006


Tied for the top spots are the Diamond Crypto and the GoldVish Le Million. Why both phones came out in 2006 is anyone’s guess, but with names such as these, there’s no wonder their prices top the million-dollar mark.


The Diamond Crypto, like the Black Diamond runs on Windows and is encrusted with 50 tough diamonds. Even tougher is its supposed encryption technology which keeps the phone’s contents safe.


The GoldVish Le Million is an oddly-shaped phone which boasts of Swiss craftsmanship, 18-carat white gold and 120-carat VVS-1 graded diamonds. Only 100 units were made upon special request.

Words by:Joey Tuazon
Image by: gsmarena.com, listabuzz.com, blogquizzle.com, phonearena.com, peekworthy.com, extravaganzi.com, thephonetown.com, pinterest

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