The 3 Survival Games You Need On Your Phone

You won’t even notice the time pass you by



There are some games that you play to get to the end, whatever that end may be. If it’s conquering a kingdom, defeating the bad guys, or saving a princess—you know what you’re getting to. But then there are survival games, where there is no end in sight and you’re stuck with an ironically fun state of frustration and helplessness. These types of games, in our humble opinion, can sometimes be the best ones out there.


Color Sheep

Available on iOS and Android


The most interesting thing about Color Sheep is that the idea of the game is simple. You control a sheep and you’re trying to blast away the wolves that come at you. But it isn’t just about pressing a button to attack because you have to match the color of the sheep to the color of the wolf. You have three choices (red, green and blue), each of which have two shades (bright and dark). The wolves can come at you with any combination (including combinations of the colors and shades), and you need to be fast enough to keep the wolves at bay. Still think it’s simple? Enjoy the stress.




Available on iOS and Android


You’ve heard of Limbo before. It’s that dark space that isn’t exactly Hell but offers you no chance of entering Heaven either. Well, there’s a game that puts you squarely in that space—but for good reason. In the game, you’ll play the role of a young boy who goes to Limbo in order to save his sister. But to get to her, you’ll need to go through several stages of puzzles. You’ll find obstacles, monsters and a combination of both on your journey. The silhouette style of the graphics is unique, but it’s eerie as well. So if you’re ready to enter another realm altogether, be our guest.



Five Nights At Freddy’s

Available on iOS and Android


If horror games are your preference and you like the jump-scare-type of thrill, then Five Nights At Freddy’s is for you. Some have described it as the scariest game in years and they aren’t completely wrong here. Basically, players take the roll of a night guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The catch is that the malfunctioning and haunted animatronic mascots are after you and you need to use a point-and-shoot strategy to save yourself. It’s made harder by the fact that you can only watch and keep track of the robotic animals with security cameras. Did we mention there’s the possibility of running out of battery, which means an added level of surprise and uncertainty?



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