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5 Must-Buy Gaming Accessories

Take your gaming experience to the next level

Gaming has evolved in leaps and bounds since the humble days of Atari’s gaming consoles. What started as dots on a screen that were avoided or chased by a single-button joystick has now progressed to games with realistic graphics and interactive controllers played across different platforms. 

Technology, of course, has helped make these massive improvements to the gaming industry. In fact, there is such a variety of device platforms for video games of all genres. There is the personal computer, which has gained popularity in the massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) sector, as well as the more popular gaming consoles that deliver more versatility. 

With the rise of these technologically advanced gaming platforms, there opened a need for accessories that players can use in order to enhance their overall gaming experience. If you are one of those who live by “Gaming is life,” you’ll definitely want to shop and get your hands on these sweet gaming accessories.

PlayStation VR

Price: P35,812.00


Image via Tech Radar

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The PlayStation VR by Sony may not be the newest gadget on the block, but it’s still at the top of its game when it comes to virtual reality gaming. It’s a comfortable and immersive headset that has a growing library of games such as Resident Evil 7—if you have the nerve for it. 

To get the full, experience, you can pair it with a PlayStation Camera and Move controllers. 

Razer Naga

Price: P9,999.00


Image via Razer

If you’re looking for a mouse that was built for hardcore gaming, there’s the Razer Naga for you. It’s perfect for FortniteOverwatch and World of Warcraft exploits. The device is an ergonomic gaming mouse that’s equipped with 12 MMOG-optimized and programmable thumb grid buttons, as well as a scroll wheel that tilts in different directions for more advanced gaming moves. 

HyperX Gaming Headset

Price: P5,100.00


Image via Komplett

There is nothing quite like playing a game with a sick soundtrack and audio effects that take you to where the action is—and this where the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset delivers. It’s a comfortable and high-quality gaming headset that is compatible with your PC, smartphone and PlayStation 4. 

With its lightweight build, noise-isolating memory foam and HiFi capable drivers, the HyperX produces crisp and clear audio while you play for hours. 

Logitech G920 Racing Wheel

Price: P20,997.00


Image via Games Radar

For the car racing enthusiasts, you can almost literally jump in the driver’s seat with Logitech’s G920 racing wheel. It's the ultimate racing wheel in the gaming world and is even compatible with your PC and Xbox One, with another version that’s exclusive to the PS4. 

The high-quality racing wheel set is made of steel and leather, with helical ears designed after auto racing transmissions. It also has a dual-motor force feedback effect that gives you the most realistic racing experience ever. 

Controller Charging Station 

Price: P736.00


When it comes to gaming, having your console die with just a few hours into play is annoying. And this is exactly the reason why it’s wise to invest in a charging station. You can charge two controllers at the same time for gaming marathon sessions. 

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Get the full gaming experience while taking your game up a notch with the help of these upgrades.

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