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5G vs. Wi-Fi: Similarities, Differences, and More - go!

5G vs. Wi-Fi: Similarities, Differences, and More

It’s an established fact that 5G and Wi-Fi both help people stay connected. What else is there to know about them?

A stable internet connection, to say the least, has become essential in this day and age. Whether for work, play, business or pleasure, securing a reliable connection for yourself and your family simply makes life easier.

Thanks to the many innovations in communications technology, things like 5G and Wi-Fi have allowed users to do everything they need and more—and a lot faster. If you want to learn more about these two kinds of internet connections, the guide ahead ought to fill you in.

5G and Wi-Fi Explained

Are 5G and Wi-Fi the exact same thing? It’s easy to mistake one for the other, but don’t jump to conclusions! There are stark differences between the two.

5G is a service provided by phone companies to get users connected to the internet directly via their mobile devices. It’s designed to be faster than its predecessor, 4G, offering 50x faster speeds and 10x less latency. In addition, 5G can connect to more devices and transmit more data for a better user experience.

Unlike 5G networks, where mobile users can connect from anywhere, Wi-Fi, on the other hand, provides internet using a router. In this scenario, you pay for an internet service provider (ISP) to supply your home, office or space with fast browsing speeds. 

Key Similarities

Let’s talk 5G vs. Wi-Fi speeds: Both 5G and Wi-Fi offer fast connections, reduced latency and increased network capacity, and that’s even if they operate differently. At their core, both types of internet providers utilize cloudification that extends the use of data center technologies from the cloud to the network. It’s the foundation that enables carriers to support several connections. 

Does 5G interfere with Wi-Fi? No, it doesn’t. Since they are independent of each other, with 5G being for mobile purposes, there’s no need to worry about the two interfering with each other.

Main Differences

The primary difference between the two connections is that 5G supports mobile usage while Wi-Fi provides an internet connection within an area (homes, offices, and the like). But setting utility aside, both services differ in their connectivity sources and licensing.

For 5G networks, connectivity is provided with the help of cell towers. As long as there’s cellular coverage available, all users need to do is to activate cellular data and they’ll be connected to the web instantly. In the case of Wi-Fi, vendors provide routers that allow users to transmit and receive data within a specific range. As long as users place their modems in a central location and follow other best practices, they’ll be able to maximize their Wi-Fi’s signal and speed

Additionally, 5G networks are carrier based and are managed by mobile network operators such as Globe. Unlike Wi-Fi which uses unlicensed bands, 5G services operate in licensed networks that require permission to use, preventing interference between devices.

Why You’ll Need Both

Now, you might wonder if it’s worth having both 5G and Wi-Fi. You’ll likely end up utilizing both, as they complement each other and fulfill different requirements. Taking all things into account, 5G supports your connection needs on the go, while Wi-Fi keeps you connected in the comfort of your home.

If you’re looking to boost your digital lifestyle, partnering with a reliable communications provider will give you just that. Luckily, Globe can get you covered with a wide array of connectivity solutions. Secure your Globe 5G and pair the services here with a broadband plan will ensure that you’re always in the loop.

As you make the switch, however, don’t forget to do your homework! Taking some time to look at 5G compatible devices and being aware of the different areas covered by Globe 5G is essential to getting the best mobile experience.

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