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6 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Make the most out of your smartphone when you’re not using it to call or text

Smartphones can do just about anything a computer can do: receive and send emails, work on Excel sheets, as well as play your favorite game wherever you are. Scroll down below to find out if you knew your smartphone can do these as well.

1 Control other devices

Like a universal remote control, you can control the TV, cable box, and the home theatre volume with your smartphone. Nowadays, most of them are equipped with infrared sensors, which makes it all possible. Download the right app and you’ll be able to wield your power over the entertainment center every time.  

2 Restore deleted photos

No need to panic when you accidentally deleted your best burger photo of all time. It’s not lost into the void–yet. iPhones have a Recently Deleted album where those deleted photos get stored for the next 30 days. This also comes in handy when you’re back with an old flame and the two of you want to remember all the sweet times you had.

3 Be a WiFi hotspot

It’s called tethering and it’s when you turn your smartphone into a WiFi hotspot, letting other gadgets use your data connection. Go to your settings menu and tap on Tethering. This usually comes in handy when you need to work on your WiFi-only tablet but there’s no wireless connection in the area, or when you need to score some points with the pretty lady you’re chatting up with on the bus or the train. 

4 Double as a hard drive

Sometimes, it does happen – you need to transfer files but there’s no internet connection and you don’t have a USB stick on hand. So what you have to do is get your USB cable and connect your smartphone to the computer. You’ll be asked if you want to enable your phone as a USB storage device, to which you answer yes. It will then show up like any other hard drive in your computer.

5 Track your data usage

No more hyperventilating at the end of the month when you see your latest mobile data bill. Take your phone, go to Settings, and then tap on Data Usage. There, you can set a concrete limit to your usage, which, when reached, automatically disables your connection.

6 Turn off the music automatically

If you want to turn off the music after a certain period of time—say when you’re finally asleep, you can actually do so with your smartphone. For iPhone users, go to the Clock feature and tap on Timer. Android users can do so, too, by tapping on Menu and then Settings. Tap Music Auto Off and then type in for how long your smartphone will lull you to sleep. 

Words by: Coni Tejada

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