7 Things That Will Convince You to Get an Apple Watch

It’s about time you invest in one

Of all the smartwatches out there, the Apple Watch still remains the (rose) gold standard. Aside from telling time in super-cool ways—check out the Time-Lapse watch face effect—it has stylish custom straps and innovative features that seamlessly integrate with an iPhone. Need more reasons to get one? Here are seven of the best features included in the watchOS 2.

1 Time Lapse watch faces

Mack Lake, New York, Hong Kong, London, or Shanghai, you can see a time-lapse video of each place right on your wrist!

2 Nightstand mode

It’s not just a watch, it’s also a bedside alarm clock. Take off the watch, place it on a bedside drawer, and turn it on its side while charging it. Now that’s a cool way to wake up in the morning.

3 Time travel

Not actual time travel, of course, but perhaps the next best thing. Depending on the which watch face you’re using, you can view past or predictive weather reports, calendar events and other situations by spinning the Apple Watch’s digital crown forward or backwards. The Astronomy watch face is particularly helpful when you want to know when to catch the next full moon. If you want to see the sunrise or sunset in time, spin the digital crown while using the Solar watch face.

4 Reply to emails

Hate pulling out your phone to read and respond to emails? Just type a quick reply or send an emoticon using your Apple Watch.

5 Facetime Audio calls

If you’re pressed for time and you need to make an urgent call, you can initiate FaceTime audio calls via this feature.

6 Beats 1 Radio

Using Bluetooth headphones, you can listen to Zane Lowe and his team of excellent DJs dish out an eclectic mix of the latest and best in music on Beats 1 Radio. Sign up for a membership and ride the airwaves.

7 Fitness and Health tracker

Go for a run and start a workout with Siri. She can be your personal trainer, remember your favorite exercises, and take note of your last and best results for each activity.

Words by: Peejo Pilar

Image by: Getty Images

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