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Activities To Keep The Kids Occupied (And You Relaxed) - go!

Digital Yet Educational: Activities To Keep The Kids Occupied (And You Relaxed)

Maximize life in lockdown with these online resources

If we leave with a significant takeaway after life in quarantine, it’s how parents are modern-day heroes. Being stuck at home with their young ones is both a source of joy and frustration. Kids generally seek attention—as they should—and there is only so much we can give. Dear parents, you are allowed to take time for yourself without feeling guilty!

Running out of ways to keep your children occupied? Here are educational online resources to maximize life in quarantine.

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Take a Virtual Tour

Social distancing may be the new norm, but there are still plenty of ways for children to explore spaces outside of the confines of your home—without actually having to go out. There are countless virtual tours online for well-renowned museums, parks and even zoos. From the Louvre in Paris to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, take your pick!  

Read and Learn at Home with is an online learning academy that focuses on the subjects of math, science, reading and arts & colors. Its award-winning curriculum, which consists of hundreds of lessons and thousands of individual activities, is award-winning and trusted by parents the world-over. 

Explore their library of puzzles, books, songs and games online. Leverage on their printable activites to balance on-screen and off-screen learning time. Keep them engaged while they learn. 

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Colour Our Collections

Have a child who loves to color? Over 100 libraries and museums all over the world have provided free coloring pages from their vast collection of masterpieces—which goes as far back as the 18th century! The annual #ColourOurCollections campaign invites viewers to download, color and reimagine dozens of iconic images. 

Try an Augmented Reality App 

NASA’s Space Center Houston app is a gateway for space exploration, science and engineering learning and innovation. Even at an early age, it’s important to show your young ones endless possibilities! Explore the moon, watch the Saturn V launch and more with the power of augmented reality.

Make the most out of life in quarantine with a Globe Postpaid plan that suits your family’s digital lifestyle. Learning has never been more exciting with these online resources. Visit the Globe Shop to find the right plan for you or head over to Lifetech by Globe Postpaid to find other ways that technology makes a difference. 

Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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