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5 Adulting Apps To Help Modern Pinays Keep Together

Shop these apps to help keep your life on track

To all the ladies who hustle and still manage to stay on top of their responsibilities outside of work, our hats off to you! As they would probably agree, adulting is a real challenge—but you can find ways to complete your tasks and still have time to take care of yourself at the end of the day.

That said, there’s no shame in admitting that you need help from time to time. After all, even the best of us could use a little extra help. And while our friends and family will always be there to lend a hand, your smartphone might be the next big thing when you need a quick fix (especially if it’s always with you).

Below, a few apps that you can download to help you with the daily grind.

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Available on iOS and Android


Being an adult entails a lot of responsibilities; you need to pay bills on time but you also need to exercise and mind what you’re eating—and that’s where Habitica comes in handy. The app tracks your daily routine to helps maintain good habits and kick the bad ones.

Habitica stands out with its creative approach that draws inspiration from video games. Each good habit you complete will allow you to level up, which allows you to customize your avatar or get other additional incentives. And, just like an RPG, you can join a party of friends to complete quests and missions.

You Need A Budget

Available on iOS and Android


Speaking of responsibilities, budgeting and paying bills are the hallmarks of a fully-functioning adult. You need to allocate a budget to pay your many different bills and this is exactly where You Need A Budget Comes in.

YNAB helps create a budget that can be executed daily and is based on a four-step plan: Use last month’s income, monitor occasional expenses, make every peso work and prevent overspending.

You will first need to list down all the bills that you need to settle and then the app will calculate how you can pay for it in small and manageable amounts. It also takes into account your miscellaneous expenses. You will also have the freedom to make adjustments, depending on the changes within your budget. YNAB can also give you real-time information on your finances.


Available on iOS and Android


What started as a Buzzfeed video segment has become a standalone app. Tasty features over 3,000 recipes with mouthwatering, step-by-step videos to follow. A few tweaks in the setting features and you can even keep your phone awake as you try to recreate your chosen dish.

If family or friends have specific diet restrictions, you can personalize the app or filter search results based on what these restrictions are—whether that’s for a strictly vegetarian dinner, something gluten-free, low-carb or what have you.


Available on iOS and Android


As much as you want to be superwoman, there are just some things you might not know how to do. And if help isn’t readily available at home, Gawin is there to pick up the pieces that you’ve yet to learn how to.

Using the app, you can search for services that you need and wait for different providers to give you a quotation. This will allow you to compare prices and judge possible quality of work, with the help of reviews from past customers. Gawin is currently only available within Metro Manila, but stay tuned for its incoming expansion!


Available on iOS and Android


With all the thing that you need to get done, it can get tricky to track your own menstrual cycle (especially if you have an irregular period). Fortunately, Clue can help you with that as the app continuously learns about your cycle and predicts the start of the next one.

You can input other details, such as energy level, mood, cravings, skin conditions and many others. This way, Clue can better predict your cycle and your fertile days. It’s also a nifty little app that will notify you when your period is expected to start.

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Whether you're postpaid or prepaid, it pays to stay connected. Stay at the top of your adulting game with these apps.

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