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Apple Campus 2: Where The Future Of Technology Lies

Does Apple still hold the key to the future? Its new headquarters certainly indicates so



Ever since Apple introduced the world to the very first iPhone nearly a decade ago, the public has looked to the Cupertino-based tech giant for new innovations that will lead the world to a technological future. One of its most recent projects is its biggest one yet and will be the place where all these ideas are thought, developed and built. The responsibility of constructing Apple Campus 2 has been taken on by Foster+Partners, the architectural firm that also worked on the Wembley Stadium in London and the Hearst Tower in New York. 



Steve Jobs first announced the Apple Campus 2 in 2006, but actual on-site construction did not begin until late in 2013. The 176-acre area—that’s enough to fit 133 football fields with some extra room to move—is going to house the work space of over 13,000 employees when construction is completed. Some have taken to calling it the Apple Spaceship because of the circular design.


The design will have glass walls on either side, which will allow employees and their guests to look out from both sides of the ring. And, like with all Apple products, Campus 2 will be built without gaps, seams or a wire out of place. And while the company did do its best do be environmentally conscious during construction—solar panels will be powering the building, with just a backup electric supply—the materials used will be top of the line. Its floors alone are made from a special species of maple and only the center of the trees have been used for utmost quality.


You might think, What a hassle it must be to go from one end of the building to another, much like we did. But yet again, Apple designers are one step ahead of us. The layout of groups within the company have been thoroughly planned out, and the architects considered both lateral and vertical movements to make access easy and efficient for all parties involved. 



The actual ribbon cutting ceremony for the Apple Campus 2 is still not scheduled, though it is estimated to open sometime in the next few months. Once completed, it will house a café, an auditorium, a wellness center and a transit center. More importantly, however, it will provide space for the all-important Research & Development team of Apple.


Take an aerial tour of the Apple Campus 2 below, as provided by drone YouTuber Matthew Roberts.



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