Get Ahead of The Game With Assault Fire’s Arms Dealer Bargains

Listen up boys, here’s how you’ll get the best items in the game

Having opened its servers in the Philippines way back in 2013, Assault Fire has managed to keep its prime spot in the local FPS fanatic’s lexicon by adding in a grit n’ grind farming system to keep us players hooked.

As if spraying your foes with bullets or sniping them with one shot weren’t enough enjoyment, AF also challenges players to complete specialized sets of missions in order to earn in-game points that will allow them to purchase bigger, badder, better guns with which to frag their foes. It’s a game design staple: players love their upgrades and their loot.

There are three different in-game currencies one can use to purchase new weapons and equipment: GP, MP and AP. GPs are earned after every match won, while Mission Points or MP are gained when completing specific missions. Lastly, you can use real money to top up your account with AP, with one peso corresponding to one AP.

Unfortunately, it takes hundreds of hours of gameplay time to collect enough GP or MP to get yourself that the premium assault rifles you need to stay competitive. Powerful guns acquired only last for a certain number of days before you need to buy a new gun. Using AP to get the necessary tools can be quite expensive, given the often steep prices offered through Assault Fire’s in-game Item Mall, especially for newer guns. 

Fortunately, the game’s local publisher PlayPark has finally introduced the AF Arms Dealer system, a way for newer players to jump straight into the action without having to burden their wallets too much.

Through the Arms Dealer, players can avail some of the best bargains ever introduced to the game, such as using premium guns for a day through their Piso Item of the Week deals or renting entire packages of weapons and equipment usually worth hundreds of pesos for only 99 AP through the IMBA Packages. 

Photo via PlayPark

The catch? Well, you have to catch these deals live to avail them. Unlike in the Item Mall where prices are pretty much permanent, with the occasional sale event here and there, the Arms Dealer’s bargains are in flux, with offers standing only for short amounts of time. New guns with unique power levels are always being debuted as well, so you will always have to be on the lookout. Miss a good deal by a few minutes and you may never see it again.

Luckily for AF players, all this is completely web based. You don’t need to have the game installed, just a browser that can load the official Arms Dealer page. Serious players will have it bookmarked on their phones as part of their Facebook-Twitter-Instagram routine.

Just top up your account with some AP and make sure to keep an eye out on on the Arms Dealer. Whether you’re stuck in EDSA or on your way to the beach from some quality time with bae, as long as you have internet then you’re pretty much set.

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