Tech Thursday: Atmos Fit Elite

The affordable smartband that's good quality and stylish

The Basics

The Atmos Fit Elite is a fitness tracker and digital watch in one. But what caught our attention about this piece of technology is that for the price, it covers more than the basics.

It makes for the perfect fitness companion, especially for those just starting their fitness game, because it keeps track of your steps and the distance you've traveled, and counts the calories you've burned. It also has a heart rate and sleep monitor (our favorite part!) that tells you how many hours you've had to rest as well as the quality (Deep Sleep, Light Sleep and Awake). Plus points for the battery life that can last up to 6 days or more without charging. Lastly, the Atmos Fit, lightweight and minimalist in style, is avalable in two easy-to-wear colors, matte black and blue. 

The App

Tip: Always read the instructions before using any gadget. Simple, we know, but it's the one thing many of us forget to do.

The Atmos Fit can be paired with Android and iOS phones via Bluetooth, but before doing so,  it's best to download the Atmos Fit app because there's not much you can do with the smartband without it.

Once you've downloaded the app, you can now pair your device with the Atmos Fit. Don't worrry about the time and date, it automatically syncs to the one on your phone. As for your fitness data, all the information you need will be saved to the app.

Real Talk

The Atmos Fit is pretty easy to use. All it takes is one tap to check the time, steps taken, distance traveled and heart rate. The smartband also allows you to see calls, sms and other notifications from your phone. The pedometer is fairly accurate and so is the sleep monitor. Meanwhile, it also has a safety feature—which (life hack!) you can use to find your phone. How does it work? Your phone's alarm will go off when it goes beyond the smartband's range. The Atmos Fit is also ideal for daily wear and tear, and is water-resistant.

The Verdict

The Atmos Fit Elite's competitive pricing, features and wearability makes it worth every centavo. Lightweight? Check. Sleek, gender-fluid design? Check. Basic features plus a little extra? Check. Though it's important to remember that it's not a smartwatch, so you can't take calls, view messages or listen to music. Save those expectations for other something like the Samsung Gear S2.

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Photography JP Sawal
Shot on location at the Globe Live Chroma Studio

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