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Give your ears an aural treat with the best in audiophile gear


We are living in a golden age for music lovers. No matter what genre you listen to, music is now more accessible than ever. Whether you’ve purchased your tunes from an online music store or subscribed to a streaming service, there are literally hundreds of hours of music at one’s fingertips.


Digital music may have taken over but there are there are options available for those whose tastes are a bit more old school. Vinyl records and turntables are making a comeback to the delight of nostalgic audio purists.


From excellent audio players, headphones, audio equipment, and music services, there’s plenty of everything for discerning ears. Here’s a countdown of the best in audiophile gear.


Braven BRV-Pro

SRP: P6,750



Braven has made its name in rugged portable Bluetooth speakers and the BRV-Pro is one of their best speakers. It’s tank-like build offers unmatched durability and water resistance in the outdoors. The speakers offer excellent sound and flexible customizability with additional accessories such as a solar panel, action mount, and extra rechargeable battery.


Google Chromecast Audio

SRP: P2,350



The Chromecast Audio lets you wirelessly stream music directly to your existing sound system or speakers. The small puck-shaped device works with Android, iOS, Mac, and PC devices and connects via WiFi to cast your favorite music to standard audio systems and speakers. There’s no need to pair since you just need to launch the Chromecast app to connect and start enjoying your music.


Bose QuietComfort 25

SRP: P20,000



The QuietComfort 25 is a well-engineered set of noise-cancelling cans that’s perfect for those who take their music seriously. It gives balanced sound while actively blocking out extraneous noise. The lightweight headset is designed for all-day comfort and custom fit. A single AA battery powers the noise-cancelling circuitry. Two models are available, which work with Android or Apple devices.


Motorino II

SRP: P6,240



For those who want to kick it old school, the Motorino II is portable turntable for that definitely retro vibe. Open up the briefcase-like body, put a record on the platter, drop the tone arm, and start enjoying the throwback scratchy sound. Dual speakers at the front of the case give adequate sound but RCA jacks at the back let you connect to an audio system. You can rip your records to MP3 via a USB connection.


Spotify Premium

SRP: P129 per month



At the price of less than a mocha frap, Spotify’s premium streaming music service is worth every peso. There’s a mind-boggling collection of music from every genre including the latest releases from your favorite artist. OPM is well-represented, too. The Premium version is ad-free and lets you skip songs.

Words by: Ed Geronia

Image by: Official Press Sites

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