Year-End Roundup: Best Games Of 2018

Hit video stores and shop for the best games of 2018

It’s been an incredible year for gaming, especially after the releases of some of the most awaited titles that kept us indoors for days on end (after waiting years for their market premiere). We made sure we got what we paid for from our consoles and stayed glued to the couch as we navigated our way through some of the most exciting games of our time.

If you’re still wondering if you missed out on the must-buy games of the year though, fret not. You can still shop for the best titles released and thereby address your growing FOMO that might be driving you nuts.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

The Call of Duty franchise still reigns supreme in the first-person shooter arena. And while there is no single-player campaign in this latest release from Activision, the game’s renewed focus on its multiplayer feature delivers what many gamers believe is the best battle royale platform so far.

The game’s fast-paced action and its responsive controls deliver an intense and addictive gameplay experience.

Red Dead Redemption 2

PlaySation 4 and Xbox One

Rockstar Games presents a worthy follow-up to the open-world Western adventure, Red Dead Redemption. The second installment to the hit cowboy franchise delivers a game with a sprawling and stunning landscape that is filled with interactive tasks

Every action ripples throughout this action-paced Wild West world, as every back road and town offers short stories and diversions that you can play and visit throughout the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

PlayStation 4

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Spider-Man has always been one of Marvel’s superhero darlings. The studio’s latest foray into the video game world has made this one of the best that our Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler has ever starred in.

It’s a captivating open-world adventure where you take control of Spidey as you swing through New York City and overcome every challenge thrown your way.

God of War

PlayStation 4

The smart folks at Sony veered away from a reboot and instead did a sequel to this already-iconic game. This latest release takes place right after God of War III and still revolves around the lead character. This time, a much older Kratos is taking his son under his wing as they both face the intense world of Norse mythology.

The game sticks to the theme of Kratos wielding magical weapons to defeat gods and mosters in an open landscape with the help of his young son.


PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Your game library wouldn’t be complete without having the most popular sport in the world in your collection. FIFA 19 pushes the envelope in creating the most realistic football simulation game there is. And with the newly addictive Ultimate Team mode, you can have fun playing with the rulebook out the window. Imagine a game with no fouls, penalties or offside—glorious chaos waiting on the pitch.

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There is no point putting it off any longer. Get these titles now and spend hours—perhaps even weeks—shunning your social life as you work your way towards the end of these spectacular games. In just a couple of days, it’ll be a brand new year—and with it, a new set of games to conquer.

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