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Once upon a time, gaming was simple. You had a large console, an almost equally large controller and a computer-powered enemy to defeat. And if you were lucky, you had an extra controller for two-player battles. But the entire industry has matured since then and it’s expanded its wings to encompass so much more.


Players young and younger have really started to embrace the idea of online multiplayer gaming. It’s been around for years, but it just keeps getting bigger and better. New titles are constantly being tested, old ones are being improved and the game stage keeps filling up to the brim.


Our top picks of the best multiplayer games? We thought you’d never ask.



Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC


Despite being around for just over a year, Overwatch has a following that’s in the millions—and we aren’t wondering why. With its impressive library of characters and the sheer amount of effort that Blizzard puts into developing each and every one of them, you’ll spend years before finishing everything off. And let’s not fail to mention the adorable and sometimes heart-wrenching backstory shorts, too.

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Dota 2

Available on PC


The depth of Dota 2 is unlike almost any other game out there. Even a thousand hours on the game’s servers will not make you a master of it. And the level of strategy that goes into winning the 5v5 mode is just as well virtually unmatched. Players need to forecast their opponents’ moves and work well together in the team in order to counter these attacks and destroy the enemy base.


Destiny 2

Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC


Continuing the success of its predecessor, Destiny 2 is all about that online first-person shooter experience. But unlike the original game, this sequel only has a 4v4 competitive mode, which arguably lets Bungie focus on better map design. And if you’re not in the mood to be competitive, you can always switch to story mode. 

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World of Warcraft

Available on PC


It’s been over a decade since WOW first hit servers, but who is really counting? World of Warcraft is responsible for making one of the most complicated gaming genres—massively multiplayer online role-playing—accessible to anyone. The world is immense and players get to run around, finish quests, level up, collect loot and occasionally fight one another. 


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Available on Xbox One and PC


The premise of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is very Hunger Games-esque—which honestly is part of its appeal. As many as 100 players are dropped out of a virtual airplane and once they land, they need to grab whatever weapons are available, which are found within the abandoned towns, factories and military bases. As the game goes on, the size of the battleground shrinks and you have no choice but to kill your co-players. 

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Available on PC


In counterstrike, your life is literally your life because there is no respawning. Players need to be extra careful with what they’re doing and how they strategize with their teammates because once you’re killed, that’s just one less extra hand to help out. 

 When it comes down to it, we all have our own preferences and favorites. So which ones do you and your friends spend hours (and hours and hours) playing?

Image by ©2017 Blizzard 

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