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Bookful Brings Fictional Favorites To The Digital Age - go!

Experience Something New: Bookful Brings Fictional Favorites To The Digital Age

Make learning and reading a bonding experience with the little ones, with a little help from Bookful

With the continuous flourishing of technology, it’s clear that the generation gaps have never been quite as jarring between adults and kids of today. Where we once had building blocks and play kitchen sets, children now have iPads and digital consoles. Our favorite shows used to exist within tapes or VCDs, but now everything lives on YouTube.

Even learning and reading have taken an exciting new form with Bookful, an app that brings stories and characters to life.

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Show Me a Story

More than just your average audiobook reader, Bookful transports kids to an entirely new world. The app is hinged on augmented reality (AR), utilizing computer-generated objects to fully immerse kids in the stories they read. From places to characters and costumes, the astounding visuals are bound to make even the most reluctant readers want to pick up a book or two.

A Growing Selection

Bookful boasts of an expansive selection of AR books. Their website lists a catalog of twelve AR-calibrated books, with more being added to the app regularly. Bookful is also COPPA certified, guaranteeing all in-app content is safe for children.

Beyond the Book 

We all know what it’s like to hold a fictional character close to our hearts, and this is especially true for the little ones. Give them the chance to bond with their favorite storybook characters with Bookful’s games and activities. Color in a character and wave the magic wand to bring them to life! Have a fun dance-off with a character! With Bookful’s growing list of games, the possibilities are endless.

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