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For those that do better with music anywhere and everywhere. 

The Basics

We’ve come a long way from radio frequencies and recording songs by chance. More often than not, we’re listening to music that we want to listen to, when we want to listen to it. Unless of course, we aren’t hooked up to a speaker – but this is so easily fixed with the RokPod.


The RokPod uses nano speaker technology and a passive base system to generate its powerful sound. Its multi-layered design makes the speakers shockproof and water resistant. You’ll be able to enjoy your music for as much as 5 hours on a full battery, and you’ll be able to take it with you anywhere. It’s small, lightweight and can easily match any aesthetic.


You can connect your smartphone to the RokPod via Bluetooth and you can even answer and take your calls since it has a built in microphone. So if you live an active but busy lifestyle, this speaker system might just become your best and most used gadget.




The box comes with the RokPod Bluetooth portable speaker, which you can attach to pretty much anything via its integrated braided cable. The box also comes with a USB charging cable for the device.


Real Talk

The RokPod is incredibly easy to use. You just have to turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth, press one button on the device and it will tell you when it’s ready to use. Once it says “pairing,” it means that it’s ready to connect to your handheld. Easy as 1, 2, 3.


But what’s an easy device without power and effectiveness? The RokPod gives you these as well. It produces much more sound than what you would expect from such a small item. At the same time, it’s incredibly durable. You can virtually forget about it while you use it – and even then, you’ll be extremely grateful for it.



The Verdict

If you’re looking for something easy to use but you can take anywhere with you, the RokPod is the item to get your hands on. The price is well worth the value of the speaker, because it meets every demand and then some. It’s portable yet powerful, and chic yet convenient.




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