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Here’s What’s New With Clash Of Clans

This is everything you need to know about Builder’s Base



Clash Of Clans got our attention because of its gameplay, but it continues to get us hooked because of the timely and relevant updates. The recently added land, called Builder’s Base, is a league on its own and promises some wonderful and compelling challenges.



How do you get there?

First things first, you need to get to Builder’s Base before you start digging your toes in the sand. In order to make the travel, you need to reach Town Hall 4 in your home village and then rebuild the boat and set sail for the other side.


What’s different?

You cannot expect things to be the same between Builder’s Base and your home village—they’re separated by a sea, remember? The elixir and gold you collect over in the new world cannot be used in your home base, but Gems will cross over.


Of course, new turf also means new achievements to complete. Sit down, because there’s a lot to get through here.


The new features

The Archer Tower’s switch goes from fast attack to long range. Meanwhile, the Multi Mortar’s multi-barreled attack is difficult for troops to dodge. 



Image from Facebook/Clash Of Clans


The new buildings

There’s the Crusher, which is a new defense line that crushes enemies and the Push Trap, which scatters the opposing troops in a direction of your choice. Then there is the Gem Mine, which collects Gems overtime and can be upgraded to increase output. Lastly Is the Clock Tower, which boosts the speed of everything in Builder’s Base.


The new abilities

When you’re able to upgrade your troops, they’ll get two new abilities. One is Sneaky Archer, whose “Cloak” makes her invisible to enemies for a short time. The other is Boxer Giant, whose “Power Punch” packs a lot of damage on the first attack.


The new troops

Meet Bomber, who tosses big bombs that can blow up several buildings in one explosion. There’s also Cannon Cart, a four-wheeling fortification that is brought to the front line.


The new hero

Once you reach Builder Hall 5, the Master Builder and his epic Battle Machine will join the fight.


The new battle mode

As if all the above wasn’t enough, the new Clash of Clans update also adds another battle mode: Versus Battle. Here, players will be pit against one another in a head-to-head attack competition. Both competitors basically attack each other and the best attack wins. Winning three versus battles in one day will give you the biggest loot payout.


And the game mechanics

Clash of Clans has never been easier. Over at Builder’s Base, troops train automatically, Walls come in in segments and your base cannot be attacked while you’re away. There are no Master Wizards, so spells haven’t made it to the shores yet—which means its time to take advantage of those special abilities.




The Builder’s Base Update is already available. Get downloading and join the fun. 

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