These Strategies For Every Crossfire Map Will Get You Good In No Time

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You’re probably more familiar with Counter Strike but just in case you didn’t know, the Philippines also has a large CrossFire following. So large, in fact, that we host tournaments, where our players can fight against the best of the best from other countries. And the hype is just going to more and more real.


So if you want to get in on it, you’re going to have to get good. You probably already know how to point and shoot, so why not take your FPS game to the next level with these tips for some of the most popular CrossFire maps.


1. Black Widow

Photo via CrossFire Stars


Black Widow is one of the most selectd CrossFire maps in competitive play and is also a favorite among casual players. Three paths from Black Base to either of the two Objectives or the Global Base make for a huge number of possible outcomes, making the map both exciting and difficult to strategize for. For defenders, each path is an alleyway prime for prepared snipers—just make sure the team rotates to where the action is as soon as you’ve confirmed where the enemy forces are going to push. For attackers, each path can be daunting but the West path to Objective B is the fastest and hardest route to defend.


2. Downtown

Photo via YouTube/CFFlash

This map features a very important aspect of CrossFire play: sound. It just so happens that when you run under or over a passageway, your footsteps will echo and betray your location to static defenders whose trigger fingers itch at the slightest cues. The Downtown map happens to have a prominent and often-traversed under-passage where many impatient beginners meet their death. However counter-intuitive and nerve-wracking it can be to slow down to a walk, when in Downtown, caution is your best friend. 


3. Eagle Eye

Photo via Photobucket/aGotenks


Eagle Eye is a tense map that quickly devolves into chaotic shootouts no matter how coordinated the strategy. This is because the best paths to take for either side are more or less at par with each other in terms of tactical advantage. Black List players will want to crawl their way up the West side of the map towards Objective A, peeking out between the crates and corners to advance in inches. Global Risk on the other hand should take advantage of the pressured Black team and go around the other side of the map to flank them while allies keep the Black advance at a crawling pace. This does, however, spread out Global Risk, which Black can use as an opportunity to pick them off.

Words Papruieh

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