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Apps To Get You Through Your Daily Commute

Because apps is life


Is it just us or is Manila traffic getting worse? Whether you drive or commute to work, we all go through butt numbing, life draining traffic, #ManilaProblems. But thanks to technology and the Internet, there’s a way to keep our cool and our sanity.



Founded in 2005, YouTube allows users to create, upload, watch and share millions of videos on just about anything and everything! It was also through YouTube that we came to meet some of our favorite YouTubers, like Jayden Rodrigues, Ranz and Niana, and Mikey Bustos, heard some of the best hugot-filled covers, and watched some of the most inspiring and wala lang videos. For sure, you already have this app on your phone! 




American entertainment company Netflix is a streaming media and video-on-demand online platform that has practically changed the way we live. Seriously, from Netflix and its commercial and original library of content have come Emmy Award-winning shows like Orange Is The New Black, Narcos, Stranger Things, The Crown, 13 Reasons and more. Ready to Netflix and chill? We know we are.




If you’re a mom or traveling with young children, then you have to have a Disney Channel, Disney Junior or Disney XD app (really depends on what your kids like) on your phone. Keep their imagination running even while in hours-long traffic with the help of their favorite Disney characters. For the young thrill-seekers, Disney XD has an action-packed list of movies and series, from Spider-man to Star Wars Rebels and many others.




K-Drama fan? Tribe, a social TV and streaming service, has you covered with all their beloved Korean TV dramas, Asian movies and even anime! Lipstick Prince? Check. Hwarang? Check. Everything else and new stuff (like Bride of habaek)? Major CHECK. Get all your K feels right in the palm of your hand with Tribe.



NBA League Pass

Basketball fans surely have an NBA League Pass. But just in case you don’t have it yet, know that this app will make you love the game more than you already do. With the NBA League Pass you never miss a game, stay on top of scores and stats, watch games live and get access to hundreds of exclusive content. What’s not to like?




With thousands of foreign and more importantly, local movies and TV series, HOOQ is the ultimate online entertainment service that knows exactly what us Pinoys need. For your kilig and/or sawi needs, HOOQ has an extensive list of Pinoy rom-com favorites: Camp Sawi, Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo, One More Chance and more. So get those tissues out, your daily commute just got emotional!




For cartoons that you and the kids can enjoy, there’s CN Watch & Play. Get your load of Flynn and Jake, the Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10, and get ready to go on an epic adventure with this app. Meanwhile, there’s also the Cartoon Network Anything app where you can play even more games (3-on-3 with the We Bare Bears anyone?), watch more videos and join polls. Now who says you can’t have fun on the road?




Manila traffic can get extra worse, but when you have one, two or all of these apps, what traffic? Don’t forget to buckle up!



Don't let traffic jams get you down. Get these apps on your mobile phone and get ready to GoWATCH. Now playing everywhere.

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