Digital Connectors That Do More: Tech Gadgets You Need Right Now

Make your investment twice as worth it with these dual-function tech gadgets

In the vast sea of tech gadgets, it can get hard to choose what to spend your hard earned money on. The trick is not to look for what works, but to look for what works in more ways than one. Getting the most of an item relies a lot on the amount of things it can do, so ensuring that the digital connector you buy can do more than just the standard is vital. 

The beauty of Google’s Chromecast is that it turns any TV into a Smart TV that can stream around 200,000 television shows and movies. The device is compatible with Spotify, YouTube, HOOQ, iflix, NBA and Google Play Music. It’s easy to use, too, because your phone becomes your controller. Don’t worry though, because you can still use it like normal even while you enjoy your videos.

Jaguar Powerbank

Most people use powerbanks when they’re out of the house and they know their battery is running low. All in all, the idea is pretty simple and incredibly logical. But what’s more important is that it can serve as an emergency battery source. And when it has a flashlight feature like the Jaguar Powerbank, you know you’re good for those unexpected blackouts. Bonus points for storing as much as 10,050mAh.

LDNIO 3 Universal USB Power Outlet

One of the most frustrating things about having so many gadgets is that they each come with their own adaptors and charging cables—and they normally don’t have the same ends. So if you’re like us, you’ll need something that can cater to all your tech units at one time. The LDNIO 3 Universal Power Outlet charges devices simultaneously and has three surge-protected outlets and universal USB ports.

Supremo 4K WiFi Action Camera

An important part of taking adventures is being able to chronicle them. And if you’re the type to climb a mountain one day and then go surfing another, then you need a camera that will work in all conditions. The Supremo 4K WiFi Action Camera takes high-quality photos and videos, is waterproof and incredibly durable as well. Not to mention you can use it the whole day, because it can record up to an hour and forty minutes worth of continuous footage.

AEC Bluetooth Speaker

When you bring something as hefty as a speaker to your trips, it has to be worth the weight and space. The AEC Bluetooth Speaker is a powerbank, an MP3 player and a speakerphone all at once, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

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