Why Every Generation Will Love Disney's New App

Truly, there's something for everyone

Black and white shorts featuring Mickey Mouse on a steamboat. Snow White singing to a wishing well. Woody and Buzz sharing adventures that went to infinity and beyond. Elsa’s childhood mistake and Anna innocently asking “Do you want to build a snowman?”

All of these scenes are different—in animation, in generation and in story telling—but they do have one very big thing in common: Disney. 

Disney has a content library and history unlike anything and anyone else. The company cemented itself in entertainment by releasing success after success despite a maturing audience and new generations to look after. It has and will continue to be an amazing ride—especially because all of our favorites have come together in one neat yet amazing platform.

DisneyLife: The World of Disney in one app serves as the one-stop online destination for all Disney fans, no matter what they grew up with and what genres they’ve loved all these years. From the newest items to favorites of decades’ past, this new app has an inventory that can make grandparents, parents, teenagers and kids shout with glee. It has all your favorites from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars all in one app!


It has the original series and movies, it has live TV segments, it has shorts and it houses the music that we can’t help but sing to. DisneyLife has it all, including a user interface design that is interactive without being distracting. Basically, the app allows its users to experience the entirety that is the Walt Disney Company.

From the get-go, we’re looking at more than 350 movies, over 5,000 kids' TV episodes, and more than 6,000 music tracks—all of which you can enjoy offline, whenever and wherever you want.

New Disney Princesses

And you know what? There’s only more coming our way. In the next few months, we will be enjoying additional movies such as Ant-Man, Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, Finding Dory, Captain America: Civil War and more.

There will also be other types of content available first on DisneyLife: episodes of Big Hero 6, Muppet Babies, Fancy Nancy, Spider-Man and Mickey and the Roadster Racers and a slew of others.

It’s everything that every Disney fan has always wanted!


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Globe offers DisneyLife for P149/month. With each subscription, users can register up to 10 gadgets and use the DisneyLife app simultaneously across 4 devices. Globe Postpaid subscribers get 6 months free; just send FREE DISNEYLIFE to 8080 and follow the SMS instructions to redeem the promo. Globe at Home subscribers for Plans 1,299 and up also get 6 months free; just visit any Globe Store or call the hotline to avail. 

Want to learn more? Visit any Globe Store near you or click on to the official DisneyLife or Globe websites. 

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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