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Essential Apps To Get the Best Globe Experience in 2022 - go!

Essential Apps for Getting the Most Out of Your Globe Experience in 2022

Introducing the perks of signing on with Globe and some really fun extras

One thing is clear: mobile phone subscriptions have long been about more than just calls and texts. For users today, service providers need to fit right into their lives as connectors: to their lives online, to the tools they need for work, the platforms they turn to for recreation, and so much more. Picking out a subscription, then, is like picking out a life partner. A perfect one gets you both your needs and wants; understands your lifestyle; and ultimately, adds value to your life in more ways than the obvious ones.

Signing on with a network like Globe means, for example, that users get full access to amazing life enablers. These extend beyond promos, plans’ built-in features, and call and text offers. As a service provider, Globe is out to be right where you are—with fantastic perks and some very fun extras to tie the whole experience together. Ahead, the apps you can download to hypercharge your Globe experience so you can make the most out of it this year.

The New GlobeOne

Consider this the home base for any Globe subscriber. The New GlobeOne app centralizes all things Globe: your account information, plan management, and bill payments just to name a few. This app essentially lets you skip long lines, having to dial the hotline for assistance, and having to navigate multiple apps for different tasks. Through a single dashboard, you can track your data usage, top-up additional data, and check out roaming promos. Even Globe Rewards is now found in this hub, where you can pay for items with your points or convert them to data.

There’s a lot to explore here! Check it out when you download the New GlobeOne app via Google Play or the App Store.


The most widely used electronic wallet today, GCash, much like the New GlobeOne app, is a hub for all things finances. Here, you can send virtual cash to individual users and establishments; find a comprehensive list of billers (from electricity to credit cards, real estate to school tuition); and of course, make bank deposits. Notably, users can also cover the basics of financial security via handy tools like GInvest and GSave, through which they can grow their money.

Download the GCash app today from Google Play or the App Store.


While traditionally, people would have to queue up at the hospital for everything from check-ups to consultations, general inquiries to follow-ups, there are health and medical services today disrupting that model and giving people additional options—that don’t require you to leave the comforts of home. Enter: telehealth. As the future of healthcare takes things virtually, platforms like Filipino e-Health company KonsultaMD want to ensure that the experience of health and wellness is accessible to all. And with KonsultaMD, you can unlock it all simply by being a Globe customer.

All tucked in here are perks like unlimited instant access to licensed medical professionals, being able to consult with a doctor through video calls, receiving e-Prescriptions, sending e-Lab requests via SMS, and more. 

Enjoys these when you download the KonsultaMD app from Google Play or the App Store.


Another platform that takes experiences online, Upstream acts like a pocket cinema that allows you to access a diverse catalog of content.

A streaming platform created by Filipinos, for Filipinos, it houses local titles, anime, international blockbuster hits, family-friendly picks, and more, all available to rent. Apart from TV and film, one fantastic perk that streamers can enjoy here is the live streaming of events related to culture and arts.

Get your fill of all things entertainment through Upstream via or the official app (available for download on Google Play and the Huawei AppGallery).

Whether you’re with Globe through a postpaid plan or prepaid subscription, there are so many ways to hypercharge your day with exciting perks, promos that fit perfectly into your world, and features you won’t get anywhere else.

Looking for more apps to add to your device? Tap here to discover digital content subscriptions you can get with Globe.

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