Travel Apps You Should Always Take With You

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If there’s one thing that we all can’t get enough of, it’s our smartphones. They’ve become such an integral part of our lives that they’re always within reach, and we panic when the battery turns red and we get that little notification that says its running low. This is why it’s the perfect partner to bring around with you when you travel. But then again, a smartphone is only a phone without the right apps.


Something for getting around.

When you’re somewhere new and you know where to go, but you’re unsure of how to get there, then Google Maps (available for iOS and Android) is for you. The app is arguably the most comprehensive one in the market and will give you choices from walking, to commuting to taking a car.


On the other hand, if you want something more detailed, then City Mapper (available on iOS and Android) is the thing for you. It gives a fleshed out map of select cities in the world, including Copenhagen, Madrid and Hong Kong. Other than the regular maps and commute routes, it will tell you what train lines to take and you can even tag where to meet up with friends.



Something to help you communicate.

Being in a foreign land can sometimes be overwhelming because of the language barrier between you and the locals. Maybe you can’t learn every language, but we can get the basics that will let you get around when you need it.


Duolingo (available for iOS and Android) helps you learn what you need to make your travels a little less daunting. Or if you learned the language some time ago, the app is a great refresher course. It guides you through different levels that you need to complete in order to advance and you get points along the way to make it just a little more fun.


Something to show you where to go.

Gone are the days when you had to print your booking for your flight, hotel, tours and whatever else you have planned. And gone are the days when you had to go through your emails to keep track of your documents, too. Tripit (available on iOS and Android) works like a personal assistant. It pulls together all of your travel information and converts it into one single itinerary. All you have to do is forward your emails. You can even share your plans if you’re traveling with a large group.


Then there is Time Out (available on iOS and Android), which acts like an idea directory. It’s a great place to check out what to do in cities all around the world, from Amsterdam to Singapore. Get a quick list of bars, restaurants, events and attractions.




Make your travels all the more enjoyable by taking advantage of everything that is—literally—within your reach. 

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