Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Number Portability

Have the same number even when you switch networks!

Communication is constantly evolving and changing how people interact with each other. A few decades ago, cell phones were limited to calling and texting. Now, users can do all sorts of activities using their mobile devices, like video calling or signing digital documents.

As smartphones and other related technologies continue to develop, it's only natural that relevant services, such as network connectivity, advance as well. And with mobile number portability (MNP), mobile users have much to rejoice about.

What is Mobile Number Portability?

MNP is a service that allows you to keep your mobile number when you switch to a different network provider. The process of porting or moving your phone number is also easy since you just need to submit a porting application.

Last September, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) rolled out RA 11202 or the Mobile Number Portability Act. Under this law, all mobile phone users can switch providers free of charge, and there is no limit on how many times you can port in or out, or to and from any telco provider. And because your number will stay the same when you switch networks, this saves you the hassle of rebuilding your contact list!

How MNP will Affect the Telecommunications Industry

Since you can now retain your number regardless of your carrier, telcos will have to adapt and improve their services and offers to attract users into choosing their network. They need close coordination with other providers to ensure that they provide good customer service.

Fortunately, MNP isn’t exclusive to Globe Postpaid subscribers since both Globe Prepaid and TM users can port instantly! All in all, this means that you get offered the best deals and perks, giving you the luxury to switch networks for free and pick what's best for you.

Make the Switch to Globe

With its reliable services and enticing rewards, Globe remains to be the Philippines' premier communications provider. Now, crossing over networks has never been easier with Globe. Regardless of your previous carrier, you can switch to Globe PostpaidGlobe Prepaid, Globe Business or TM hassle-free.

Why Should You Switch?

Aside from offering deals and rewards for its users, Globe also helps improve the country. From environment preservation to educational assistance, its sustainability efforts are anchored on its purpose: creating a Globe of Good. Here are some of Globe's purpose-driven initiatives:

Environmental Stewardship

Globe has three programs under this initiative to engage people to contribute to environmental sustainability through technology.

  1. E-Waste Zero: Recovery and recycling program for old and broken gadgets to prevent them from going to landfills
  2. Rainforestation Program: Educating the public about the severe state of the country's rainforests
  3. Marine Biodiversity Protection: Citizen-led initiatives to protect rich marine resources

Digital Thumbprint Program

This workshop series aims to support the Department of Education's (DepEd) existing modules around digital literacy. Students get to learn more about cyber-safety and develop insights into their choices online.

Educational Initiatives

This workshop series aims to support the Department of Education's (DepEd) existing modules around digital literacy. Students get to learn more about cyber-safety and develop insights into their choices online.

Educational Initiatives

This includes free data access to learning platforms until 2022. Students can learn and access resource materials for free from different government sites like DepEd CommonsPHL CHED Connect and TESDA Online Program.

How Can You Switch?

You can port your number through the GlobeOne app in a few easy steps:

  1. Download the GlobeOne app and register for an account.
  2. Once you've logged in, select Help Center, then scroll down until you see the Switch My Number option.
  3. Select the provider you'll be switching to.
  4. Read instructions on how porting works, click Continue, read the important reminders, and tick the I Agree box.
  5. Enter the 6-digit code to verify your account.
  6. After getting redirected to the Globe Shop, choose a plan and fill out the digital application form to submit a request.
  7. Once ported, the app will advise you to update your GlobeOne account to the new brand.

Alternatively, you can visit a Globe store near you to apply for porting in person.

Choose the Country's Best Network

Mobile phone users in the country have much to rejoice about! Now that MNP has entered the picture, this service grants you the convenience of keeping your original contact details whenever you switch service providers. This way, you can easily assess which network works best for you and transfer without extra charges and hassles!

As the country’s premier communications provider, porting to Globe will grant you the best mobile experience ever! From reliable services to exciting rewards, all mobile users can instantly enjoy an improved digital lifestyle once they switch to Globe. Contact us today to learn more!

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