Fender’s Bluetooth Speakers and PureSonic Earbuds are Hitting Philippine Shores

Mark your calendars, audiophiles!

A mainstay in the music industry, Fender’s instruments have been used and trusted by some of the most iconic acts in the past decades. In the process, the label has transformed music as we know it. Fast forward to 2018: Fender is changing the game yet again with a selection of speakers and earphones that bring you only the best of music—at home or on the go.

Brought to Philippine shores by a partnership between 0917 Lifestyle and JB Music, local audiophiles can finally say hello to Fender’s Monterey and Newport speakers, as well as their Puresonic Wired and Wireless earphones. Overall qualities: delivering big promises out of small hardware, top-tier music quality on the go.

Fender Monterey Speaker


With faux leather and Fender’s ‘68 custom grille cloth, the larger of Fender’s bluetooth speaker duo pays homage to the label’s classic guitar amplifiers. The salute to its precursor doesn’t stop at the retro-inspired visuals, though: upon being switched on and pairing with a device over bluetooth, the speaker sounds off with a guitar riff. An apt rock n’ roll touch.

Let’s talk technicals. The Monterey makes up for its hefty weight and lack of optical input not only with an ultra-cool exterior. Despite sizing no larger than a mini amp, this speaker lives up to its rock n’ roll roots. Expect nothing less than impressive volume and detailed sound quality, thanks to the 2 5-inch woofer speakers and 2 1-inch tweeters concealed behind the cloth grille.

Blast your favorite playlist and podcasts via a 3.5mm aux input or by activating bluetooth pairing. Make the experience even better with your fair share of EQ adjustment, made possible by retro-inspired knobs to play around with the bass and treble.

Fender Newport Speaker


Don’t let this device’s size fool you: the Newport packs a punch for a speaker so compact. Armed with lithium-ion battery, the Newport can play tracks for as long as 12 hours. No larger than 5.6” high and 7.25” wide, the speaker is lightweight and easy to take around. With USB connectivity to charge external devices, it’s the convenient go-anywhere, music-ready companion you’ll always want to have at arm’s length.

Like the larger Monterey speaker, the portable Newport speaker is bluetooth-ready and oh so easy to use. The internal woofers and tweeter are controlled with witch-hat knobs that line the top of the device. With a little balancing, even the newest to music mixing can achieve a robust beat and a punchy bassline from this pint-sized player.

PureSonic Earbuds

Combining the best aspects of Fender’s bluetooth speakers and groundbreaking ProSeries in-ear monitors, the Puresonic earbuds are bound to be a crowd favorite. Functional and comfortable, these earphones deliver nothing less than Fender’s signature sound quality—without the heft and hassle of carrying a large speaker around. It’ll be symphonies and impeccable harmonies with every listen.


Images via Fender

Available in wired and wireless iterations, these earbuds are designed to fit like a custom-made pair on every listener. The PureSonic Wireless earbuds come with four interchangeable tips and deliver crisp, CD-like quality, even without being plugged in via cable. Meanwhile, the PureSonic Wired buds boast 9.25mm high performance dynamic drivers. This means that you can expect a full, perfectly balanced sound with each listen.

Ready to listen in? Get your hands on Fender’s Monterey and Newport bluetooth speakers and PureSonic Wired and Wireless earbuds online at The Globe Shop and select Globe stores starting November 28th!

Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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