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Tech Review: Cherry Mobile's Flare Smartwatch Line - go!

A Look At The Flare Smartwatch Line

Introducing Cherry Mobile’s wearable Flare line

Tech wearables have been available for quite some time, with the bigger players already having released generation after generation of options. But despite its years on store shelves, wearable tech hasn’t quite breached the market quite like mobile devices have—but we’re certain that Cherry Mobile’s Flare line will change a few minds.

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This isn’t Cherry Mobile’s first foray into the market, but the Flare line is arguably its most premium-looking out of the bunch. The Flare Sport Smartwatch, the Flare Active Smartwatch and the Flare Watch & Activity Tracker come in metallic aluminum bodies and interchangeable straps. Of course, it also offers features you’d expect from a wearable.

The Flare Sport Smartwatch



As the name implies, the Flare Sport Smartwatch is made for those that live an active lifestyle. Like most wearables, it has a built-in heart rate and sleep monitor, but it’s also capable of tracking other activities like walking, running, hiking, cycling, swimming, basketball and badminton. And at the end of the day, you can easily check out how your daily workout, including how much calories you’ve burned.

In terms of everyday use, the Flare Sport Smartwatch is also a great matchup for anyone that needs to constantly be connected. It can display notifications from your mobile phone and has a “Find Your Phone” feature. Wearability also isn’t an issue as the face of the smartwatch is neither too heavy nor too large.

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The Flare Active Smartwatch



If your active lifestyle is lived more in the outdoors, opt for the Flare Active Smartwatch instead. Its water and dust-resistant features will definitely come in handy when you’re in the pool, at the beach or taking a hike this summer. Like the others in the lineup, this version monitors your daily activities, including the number of steps you take and your heart rate. If you don’t mind wearing it overnight, it can even give you a report on your sleeping habits.

While its design is more traditional in terms of fitness bands, the Flare Active Smartwatch also gives you quick access to the messages on your phone. View whatever comes in to your mobile device and see easily decide what needs to be addressed—because an active lifestyle doesn’t just mean getting physical.

The Flare Watch & Activity Tracker



When it comes to design, it’s the Flare Watch & Activity Tracker that really shines. It’s heavier than the other options in the line, so if you prefer to feel that slight weight on your wrist that has so often been associated with quality, make this one yours.

With its 480mAh battery and IP68 water and dust resistance feature, this wearable won’t be suspect to wear and tear while you wear it throughout the work week on single full charge. Naturally, you can also depend on its activity tracker, which has the capability to keep tabs on basketball, swimming and multiple more efforts.

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Get ready to jump on the wearable tech train without having to purchase an expensive ticket. With the Flare line of smartwatches, you’ll get everything you need from tracking your heartrate and how many steps you’ve taken to your sleeping habits. Pick which one will suit your lifestyle best and take full advantage of the returns.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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