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When television was still black and white, there was a limit to the number of shows one could watch at the comfort of their home. Genres were spread thin, choices were few and television sets were hard to come by. But that age is dark and faded and we’ve all been welcomed to a more vibrant and colorful viewing experience by Globe at Home.

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Streaming services have changed the game of viewing. What was once a strictly scheduled landscape now offers a more flexible and more personal viewing experience. Gone are the days when we would have to get home before 8PM to watch our favorite shows in fear of having to catch the replay days later. We’ve bid farewell to canvassing stores for the best prices, borrowing copies of our favorite movies and making the frustrating trip to return the rewound copy.


But streaming itself, while a convenient thing, comes in different forms and channels. But with Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered, everything you need is packaged in a neat little gadget.

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FOX+ is the latest addition to Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered. As one of the biggest video-streaming service, it offers thousands of the latest in Hollywood movies, TV shows, live sports and more. Showcased in stunning high-definition, you can now get access to the hottest and the latest in blockbusters, Asian series and eye-opening documentaries.


There are more than 10,000 hours of programming available in the FOX+ library. And while it does present popular content from global movie studios and television channels, its addition to the Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered easily gives users an avenue to watch original FOX productions.


This includes the National Geographic original series, The Long Road Home, Titanic: 20 Years with James Cameron (coming this month) and The Story Of Us with Morgan Freeman (coming in January). And for series, users can see the latest of The Walking Dead, The Gifted, SWAT, Homeland, Fresh Off The Boat, The X-Men Apocalypse as well as The Good Doctor and Trusted in 2018. Sports enthusiast can catch favorite games off the NBA, the first tennis grand slam of the year and the Australian Open. 


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You can now get a 3-month access to FOX+ with every purchase of Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered. It’s easy to use and activate: Simply plug the device on an HDMI-ready television, connect to your Globe At Home plan and stream to enjoy hours of endless films and TV.


Get Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered by adding P50 for 24 months to a Globe At Home plan or a one-time payment of P999. To know more and avail of this latest streaming device, click here.

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