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With the extension of the mandatory community quarantine, it’s undoubtedly convenient that the Museum of Modern Art is providing free Massive Open Online Courses on Coursera, an online platform learning tool available to all. 

The iconic New York establishment, one of the most influential institutions of modern art in the world, wants every individual to “immerse yourself in ideas and see your world in new ways through art.” Complete a course at your own pace and learn directly from renowned artists and designers while also exploring specific works in the museum’s collection and exhibitions.

Introduction to Modern Art & Ideas 

Explore 70 works of art made between 1980 until the present day and discuss the age-old question, “What is contemporary art?” Develop a deeper understanding of sought-after artists’ practices to make a deeper connection with your own process and creative practice. 

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Seeing Through Photographs 

How has photography been used throughout its nearly 180-year history? See and truly understand photographs through a diversity of approaches, ideas and technologies to enlighten the viewer. Investigate photography’s role in our visual culture, and discover how context influences its production and circulation.

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Fashion as Design 

The class focuses on a curated selection of more than 70 garments and accessories from around the world. Learn from a range of designers, makers and historians about what we wear, why we wear it, how it’s made and, ultimately, what it means. 

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Art Alex Lara

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