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Gadget Frustrations We All Share

We’ve been there, you’ve been there. We’ve all been there

As in love as we are with technology and as thankful as we are for everything it’s given us, there are still some aspects that it falls short on. We understand that no relationship can be perfect, but it still gets a little frustrating when our gadgets just don’t work as well—or as efficiently—as we would like them to. 

We know you have some gadget frustrations of your own. What can you relate to?

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Powerbanks that take all night to charge

At this point, most of us have a powerbank handy and within reach. But when you forget to leave your powerbank to charge during the entire night, chances are you won’t be able to use it much throughout the day. And even if you’re able to charge it for an hour or so, it still won’t get your smartphone to a level of battery life that will leave you comfortable. 

Well, the 0917 Series Two 10,000mAh Power Bank (P1,299) charges just as fast as it charges other devices. So if you’re suddenly heading out for an out-of-office meeting and only have an hour to get things in order, relax in knowing that you’ll be set—at least, in terms of battery life. 

Bluetooth headsets that run out of battery

We get the appeal of Bluetooth headsets; we really do. It’s nice when you don’t have to fumble with a wire as you change a song or hop off your shuttle service. But when the commute is longer than usual and the battery dies out, it can really ruin a night. 

Enter 0917 Series Two Wireless Headphones (P1,299), which allows you to switch from wired to Bluetooth whenever you need it to. 


Speaking about wireless connections, wouldn’t it be better if we could leave our smartphones in the safety of our closed bags without having to worry about what song is going to play next? Or having to rush to pick up a phone call? 

Say hello to a true wireless experience with the 0917 Series Two True Wireless Sports Earbuds (P1,499), which has touch control to allow you to skip and pause tracks, adjust volume and answer calls. 

Multiple wires

If you know what it’s like to pull out wire after wire from a pouch or a bag in search of that specific one that will charge one device, you aren’t alone. It gets annoying, but everything has to be carried around if we want to be sure about things—or maybe not. 

The 0917 Series Two Power Bank 10,000mAh (P799) comes with a built-in pocket for different ports. Choose from Micro-USB, Lightning or Type-C without all the fuss. 

One at a time

Charging adaptors only allow you to charge one device at a time—even most multi-port adaptors only support USB cables. But what about the rest of our stuff? 

If you’re exclusive to USB ports, that’s fine. But if you need something that doubles for a USB and a Type-C port, you need the 0917 Series Two Wall Charger (P799)

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We’re with you when you say gadget frustrations. But hey, there are ways around them, too. 

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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