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10 Gadgets and Accessories Perfect For Remote Work - go!

10 Gadgets and Accessories Perfect For Remote Work

Essentials to take with you for your portable work setup

We’re closing in on two years since working from home became the common setup. Here’s to adjusting accordingly: from finding ways to spruce up the workstation at home and springing for a dedicated home office laptop to investing in for-freelancing WFH equipment. Needless to say, we are no strangers to the new office life.

Considering that social distancing may just be the future of work, this time around, we are turning our attention to essentials for remote working. If the future is all about a flexible, hybrid setup, too, it’s good to look into the add-ons—gadgets and accessories—that ensure you can grab them, go and set up a workstation anywhere.

Ahead, 10 items you to check out and add to cart!

Wireless Keyboard

It’s sleek, compact and requires little to no setup. Investing in a wireless keyboard is ideal should switching from one device to another be the typical scenario for you. Get a lot done with just your iPad or your tablet; the 0917 Wireless Keyboard works seamlessly across a number of devices.

Wireless Keyboard
0917 Wireless Keyboard, ₱1,995

Travel Gadget Case 

On the topic of being able to grab your work things and go: it’s a good idea to centralize your chargers, wires, cables and other gadgets in a single case that also ensures they don’t get jumbled or tied up. This single zip-up pouch has enough space to accommodate your headphones, memory cards, mouse, power banks and other tech essentials for remote work, too.

Laptop Stand

Do you spend your day staring at your monitor? Unideal, but here’s what’s worse: staring down at it and developing a terrible posture. Bring your laptop screen up to a comfortable eye level with a lightweight, portable and easy to assemble laptop stand. Angles and height are both adjustable; it has a hollow underside for heat dissipation and comes with non-slip silicone.

Laptop Stand
MC Laptop Stand, ₱620

Wireless Headphones 

For when you need to get in the zone and rid yourself of ambient noise: wireless headphones are your best bet. Listen to crisp audio and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with the 0917 Series Two headphones that come with 15 hours of running time on a single charge.

Multiport Adapter 

Being ready for remote work is a little like being a Girl Scout: you need to come prepared with accessories that don’t get in the way of your routines and processes, especially when these involve file transfers, accessing other gadgets and charging multiple devices at once. This digital multiport adapter below addresses these and comes complete with ports for USB-C, TF/SD, HDMI, PD 100W, USB 3.0, RJ45 and 3.5mm TRRS.

Multiport Adapter
Vention Multiport Adapter Hub, ₱699

Cord Organizer

If in case you’re already all set with a bag or pouch for your gadgets, why not explore another way you can keep your cords in order? Avoid tangling and keep your cables secure and protected with these single cord organizers. They’re handmade with high-quality, genuine leather and feature a metal snap closure for ease of use.

Cord Organizer
Vessels Leather Cord Organizer, ₱48

Power Bank 

No outlet? No problem. It’s become a no-brainer to bring a power bank along to long days out. Should work take you on the road or on location where charging might be tricky, bring your own backup. 0917’s Series One power bank can power up your mobile phone and other USB-powered devices faster than most battery savers. It gets extra points for its built-in short circuit protection that prevents overcharging, overcurrent and overheating.

Extension Cord with USB Port

Who gets to claim a wall socket at a restaurant, café or commercial space, and for how long? People used to remote work know that it pays to sometimes bring your own extension cord with you. It may also be a form of courtesy (nobody likes a person who hogs a socket). Consider the extension cord ahead that already comes with three ports for USB charging.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

This may neither be a gadget nor an accessory, but it certainly counts as a remote work essential! A sanitizing spray is a great thing to keep handy for instances where handwashing is not a ready option.

Portable Sanitizer Box

To ensure your everyday pocket items remain clean and germ-free, too, one other thing you can invest in is a portable sanitizing box. Toss in your smartphone, keys, headphones, face mask and even money. The 0917 UV Sanitizer can disinfect these daily essentials in just five minutes.

Portable Sanitizer Box
0917 UV Sanitizer, P1,995

Back to the home office now: are you all set over there? Next, revisit these nifty WFH solutions and check out the five work-from-home essentials or the five accessories to level up your home office setup.

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