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Game Streaming: A Checklist for Beginners - go!

Game Streaming: A Checklist for Beginners

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You may have noticed how the last few months saw a significant increase in gaming. With people spending more time at home, some have turned to casual gaming for entertainment while others have opted to watch game streams like G Day's ML tournament to pass the time.

If you want to take gaming up a notch, though, why not start streaming yourself? With Mobile Legends, Among Us and Valorant becoming more popular, it’s the perfect time to make your pro-gaming dreams come to life. If gaming is your passion, show off your skills and start game streaming!

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Don’t know where to start? Well, an awesome set up to give your viewers the best experience possible will surely help! Here’s what you need: 

Reliable Internet Connection

Lag is a gamer’s worst enemy, and the same can be said for viewers. You wouldn’t want your audience to watch a stream that stops and glitches every few seconds, right? To make sure that your session runs smoothly, pair your gaming laptop or PC with a reliable internet plan

For starters, Globe’s Go Unli 1899 is perfect for streaming your favorite shows on Netflix and running games such as Fall Guys. Paired with unlimited calls and a free Android TV Box, this package will be one of your best investments.


An excellent pair of speakers is essential for any PC setup. However, when it comes to streaming, headphones are the better option because your mic will only absorb the sound from the speakers, interfering with your stream’s audio. 

If you’re looking for a capable and stylish pair, we highly recommend Logitech’s G331 Gaming Headset. Other than helping you look like a pro, it’s incredibly comfortable and already comes with a built-in mic. 


Other than making jaw-dropping plays on Call of Duty: Warzone, talking to your viewers is an excellent way to keep them entertained. Something as simple as a shout out allows you to engage with your audience and boost your online reputation. 

Ideally, you want a good audio setup to speak to them clearly and concisely. If you have the budget, AKG’s P120 Condenser Microphone paired with Focusrite’s Scarlett Solo 2x2 Audio Interface will give you everything you need. 


Viewers love it when they see the streamers express themselves. Whether it’s you going wild after a tough win or screaming after a jump scare, your reactions will keep them entertained. 

Luckily, many affordable USB webcams are available at your favorite online store. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly and affordable choice, Logitech’s C270 Webcam is the perfect option.


Lighting isn’t just crucial for shooting movies and photos; it plays a vital role in streams, too. Good lighting ensures that your viewers can see what’s going on and ultimately sets the mood of your session. For a quick fix to your lighting needs, consider getting LED ring lights. Putting one on your desk will enable you to get the most out of your webcam.  

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You won’t be able to stream a two-hour session of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) if you don’t have solid software to rely on. Go for a streaming program like OBS Studio since it’s free, easy-to-use and incredibly popular even among pro gamers. As long as you have the necessary equipment, you can get your stream running in no time.  

Streaming Channel

Lastly, you’ll need a channel to broadcast your stream on. Nowadays, you can choose from multiple options such as Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Aside from casual sessions, these platforms have also hosted major esports tournaments such as The Fortnite World Cup and DOTA’s The International

Make Your Pro Gamer Dreams Come True

Thanks to the introduction of streaming platforms, you can now take bigger steps toward your pro-gamer dreams. By keeping the checklist above in mind and learning more tips for beginner streamers, you can start casually streaming your gaming sessions until, hopefully, you turn professional. 

If you’re looking for some awesome gaming accessories to switch up your stream, visit the Globe Shop for all kinds of exciting offers.  

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