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🎮 Welcome to Globe /GGWP, Player One - go!

Welcome To GGWP, Player One!

A new, fun and safe space for gamers

People are always looking for other people to connect with. A group that shares the same interests and passions. A community where we can share new ideas, learn from and have fun (emphasis on fun). And it couldn’t be more true today as we continue to spend most of our days at home.


Enter: Globe /GGWP!, Globe's official channel for all kinds of games and gamers (yes, casual, hardcore and those in-between). So what can you expect from GGWP? Announcements on can’t-be-missed tournaments led by Globe, match schedules of your favorite games, the latest game releases on mobile and your favorite gaming consoles, exclusive, can’t-get-anywhere-else content and exciting promos. But best of all, it’s a safe space to collaborate, discuss and interact with other gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Get tips on how to move up or level up your game. Find your team and win that match. Get updated when your add-to-cart-but-not-checked-out games have F2P trials. Share your livestreams for fun or a chance to get featured as GGWP’s gamer of the month (prizes await selected gamer!).


Sound like your kind of people? Like the GGWP page here or join the community.

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