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Globe At Home: The Free Fiber Upgrade You Need to Check Out - go!

Here’s A Treat From Globe At Home: The Free Fiber Upgrade You Need to Check Out

Reserve your slot today and get Globe At Home’s free upgrade coming in December

The latest from Globe At Home is something you do not want to miss! The home internet provider is closing out 2021 with a treat for its subscribers. With the new Globe At Home’s Free Fiber Upgrade Program, level up to a fast fiber internet connection without additional charges or complicated sign-ups. Reserve your slot by clicking here for the free upgrade slated for December 2021; all that’s required is your updated address and other details—no long lines. And it’s a treat that comes with a free upgraded modem, too!

With the ongoing quarantine, anyway, home internet has all the more become a lifeline to the outside world: for students taking online classes, those working from home, those with regular relationships that have turned long-distance. The free fiber upgrade is an instant win-win for the family.

A Way to Say Thank You to Globe At Home Subscribers

As a year-end treat for you and your fam, leveling up won’t only be free but will instantly grant you better, increased speeds. Globe At Home’s UNLI FIBER UP connection is made even stronger with the latest WiFi router, so with the right Globe At Home plan, a steady, powerful connection for multiple users will guarantee a better experience for everyone.

Family Internet That Empowers You to Do Things Better, Faster—Together or Apart

With fiber technology, more household members on multiple devices can connect and experience high speeds that will change the way you surf, work and play. Whether for the WFH setup or leisure, for productivity or enjoyment, everyone at home deserves this kind of win! In any case, you can upgrade your home internet plan, too, to further satisfy your high-speed needs.

Thousands Have Made the Switch (Soon, It’s Your Turn)

Fiber is the future, and it’s yours for the taking when you reserve your slot! It’s an online experience like no other, touted by those who’ve made the switch as the “upgrade they didn’t know they needed.” 

In addition, Globe At Home now comes with health and entertainment essentials for you and the family. Get free GInsure, Konsulta MD and a three-month subscription to content platforms like Amazon Prime, HBO GO and VIU. 

Starting December, experience these and more with the leveled-up fiber connection. Existing Globe At Home users can get their free fiber upgrade when they make their reservation via the Globe At Home app (for a step-by-step guide, tap here). To reserve online and get priority in being upgraded, tap here. For your peace of mind, the technicians follow a no-contact installation and observe IATF-compliant protocols such as wearing face shields and masks and regular RT-PCR testing to ensure the safety of the subscribers. 

New to Globe At Home? Sign up for the Globe At Home Unli Fiber Up plan from the comforts of home. For more information, tap here.

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