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Globe At Home How-To: Safely Scheduling Repairs During Quarantine - go!

A Globe at Home How-To: Your Guide to Scheduling Repairs During Quarantine

#WiFiSolutions shares step-by-step details on arranging internet repairs

Globe At Home has made it easier to book repair services during the quarantine. Offering this new feature on the official Globe At Home app, the service provider is taking all coordination online—from scheduling to tracking—so customers can stay safe at home.

The app itself is comprehensive, featuring a troubleshooting 101 primer available right at your fingertips. The “Help and Support” tab is where users can set up a system check, brush up on frequently asked questions and learn tips and reminders to help manage internet connectivity. So before the need to schedule at-home repairs arises, it’s already possible—and made convenient—to cover these bases.


To provide smoother internet experience, of course, the app now also allows scheduling and tracking of repairs, which is just one of the many #WiFiSolutions how-tos housed in Globe At Home’s new Care Hub. Adjusting to the quarantine and putting safety first, the repairs feature makes booking available through these steps:

On the Globe At Home app, tap on the “Help and Support” option. Select the issue you’d like to report and address. Provide additional details about your concern. If at-home troubleshooting efforts are applicable, be guided on how to do so. If not, choose three of your preferred schedules for the repair visit. Double-check your provided personal details to make sure your email and mobile number are up to date.

When you’re all set, you can track your scheduled repair by heading again to the Globe At Home app. Tap on the “Help and Support” in the main menu and proceed to “Check Status of Technician Visit.” Here, you can access the status of your repairs as well as your technician details.

For your safety, extra precautions are in place for the at-home repair service, so everything is easy, convenient and safe. Globe At Home screens their technicians before their deployment, who then arrive in standard safety gear. All their tools and equipment are sanitized regularly, too. Globe At Home technicians practice good hygiene and sanitation, including frequent hand washing and tool sanitation. Moreso, they come equipped with standard and special safety gear depending on the risk level of your area. 

For more Globe At Home guides right at your fingertips, visit and bookmark the #WiFiSolutions Hub: solving problems right at home for a better, smoother home internet experience. Or update to Globe At Home Fiber to upgrade your at-home experience. 

Speaking of a smoother internet experience: have you downloaded the Globe At Home app yet? Manage your account anytime, anywhere when you download the Globe At Home app, available on the App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android and the AppGallery for Huawei.

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