This New Social Space for Self-Care Is a Must-Follow on Instagram

Content that’s good for your mental, emotional, and physical health

Quarantine has gone on long enough—unnerving events here and around the globe, even more so. On an individual level, these can leave anyone to crave human interaction, miss out on activities beneficial to the mind, body, and soul, and get by as best they can with what’s available to them. At the moment, this would be the internet, the one thing keeping everyone connected during this time (that also presents its own drawbacks).

Cluttered as the online space is, there are little pockets of inspiration here and there. There’s @werenotreallystrangers dropping words to live and love by. There’s writer and artist @bymariandrew, who’s a great companion for navigating the day-to-day. For useful skincare trivia packaged in fun, relatable content, there’s Soko Glam’s @theklog, too. 

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All these, in one way or another, relate to self-care: the concept that’s keeping most of us going these days.

Each post is almost like a reminder, helping us to make sure we stay in good shape—mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s also good to learn that there’s a new platform joining the World Wide Web that’s created solely for this purpose. Enter Globe Self Space, a place where you can discover, grow, and thrive in the name of self-care.

Pick up easy-to-remember tips assembled neatly into lists:

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Accept the invitation to hit pause once in a while: breathe, collect yourself, and give yourself some space: 

Learn about things that are crucial to personal development:

There’s more where that came from, of course. If you feel your feed is short on uplifting content, hit follow on @globeselfspace Instagram.

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