The Verdict Is In: Roku Is the Best Thing to Happen to the Smart TV

We tracked down the ultimate streaming device that you luckily can snag with Globe at Home



These days, streaming is the way to go if you’re an entertainment buff. A single sign-up gets you a bigger bang for your buck (yikes, sorry, cable television) with access to thousands upon thousands of titles at a click on a remote or a swipe on a smartphone.


Having caught the streaming bug, what’s next?


Again, for an entertainment buff, what naturally follows is the meticulous task of tracking down the best of the best in streaming. And in the search for the one to make the streaming experience even more worthwhile, we took the liberty of weighing out the pros and cons in our battle of the best streaming know, so you wouldn't have to.


It came down to a close fight with Android TV, Chromecast and Roku proving to be three of the strongest contenders in the market today (they were evident winners in terms of accessibility, array of channels and programs available and ease of use). Alas, only one could claim the title of “Best Streaming Device."


The one that emerged victorious for us? Roku.


Keep scrolling to get to know more about this latest tech must-have and just what makes it the ultimate streaming device. Here, you’ll also get the lowdown on the device especially for Globe users: Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered. Get your subscription to various channels and ready an unlimited supply of microwaveable popcorn, too!


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Turn Your Smart TV into a Better TV

Maximize your streaming experience with exclusive Roku features, free movies every week and front row seats to the biggest live sporting events you can access on a pay-per-view basis.


On top of centralizing your subscriptions to HOOQ, NBA, Disney, TED Talks and Netflix, you can skim through the Roku Channel Store for hundreds of extra channels you can add to your lineup.

Critics Say…

“If [we] could only recommend one device for streaming video today, it would be the new Roku Streaming Stick; it's one of the least expensive home video devices you can buy. It's also one of the best,” concluded the editors at CNET, who gave Roku a 9.4 out of 10 rating. “Roku is the king of streaming, with more worthwhile apps than anybody else. Its search runs circles around the competition, hitting most major services and presenting the results by price. And I like its interface better, too, with its full customization giving the power to arrange the apps you want, where you want them.”


“Roku is the exception among its primary competitors—Amazon Fire TV and Nexus Player—in that it is not subtly selling its own content platform,” wrote Steve May for TechRadar. “It's in Apple's interest for you to buy content on iTunes, just as it's in Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Sony's interest for you to buy from their services. Not caring about the promotion or survival of any given channel has liberated Roku to create a more egalitarian box and Roku's offerings are some of the most open on the market, boasting more than 1,000 possible channels.”


With Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered, just plug, connect and stream. Get all this and more with Globe At Home.

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