Tech Thursday: Google Chromecast 2

It's still one of the best streaming devices out there

The Basics

Google Chromecast 2 is still one of the best and most affordable ways to turn your television into a smart TV. A pioneer in the casting (or to display entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop to the TV screen) game, Chromecast is a media streamer that's fairly easy to setup (provided you have fast Internet connection) and use, compatible with almost any device, and allows you to do pretty much anything your phone can, i.e., stream movies, listen to music, take calls, on a bigger and better screen.



Chromecast comes with a built-in HDMI cable and a Micro USB charger. Meanwhile, the device itself features a design that's easy on the eyes with Google Chrome's logo aesthetically emblazoned in the middle.

Real Talk

As we mentioned earlier, Chromecast is pretty much plug and play. Make sure to download the Chromecast app prior to or upon use. The app will guide you through the setup process, like linking your phone directly to Chromecast's home WiFi network. While it pre-buffers content you might like while browing through the menu, a good, stable Internet connection is vital to the experience and enjoyment.

Share your favorite content with friends from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even desktop computer.

Chromecast lets you enjoy Google supported apps, too like YouTube and Netflix. 

Listen or play your favorite songs when you invite your best pals over to chill out.

The best part? You can play games downloaded from the Google Play store. We tried our hands at Crash Bandicoot and spent hours trying to beat the game. The controls, which you'll find on your phone and see on the big screen, are the same as Play Station controllers, so using it was a breeze.

Pro-tip: Master the art of multi-tasking through casting and enjoy streaming music or videos from your phone while answering emails or sending out text messages to loved ones. 

The Verdict

If streaming is the future, Google Chromecast 2 is your golden ticket. It's easy to setup and use, comes with an improved antennae to maximize reception and allows you to enjoy your favorite activities on your phone or smart device onto a larger screen. Though the device has its limitations, i.e., Chromecast is limited to Google supported apps, it's still among the best of its kind.

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Shot on location at the Globe Live Chroma Studio
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